23andMe Health and Ancestry Kits are $100 off

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23andMe Health and Ancestry Kits are 0 off

SAVE $100: 23andMe’s Health and Ancestry Kit — one of Mashable’s favorite DNA tests — is on sale for 50% off for Prime Day as of Oct. 13.

DNA test kits have been popular holiday gifts for a few years running — and this year, with Prime Day effectively kicking off holiday shopping season, they’re particularly attractive options. 

23andMe’s Health and Ancestry Kit, which includes autosomal testing (also known as the “family finder”) as well as mtDNA, Y-DNA, and health and trait analysis, is the classic pick (the brand is pretty synonymous with DNA kits in general), and it still holds up well against its competitors.

“23andMe’s consistent growth in terms of regions and ways to evaluate health make it eternally hard to beat,” writes Mashable reporter Leah Stodart.

The kit, which is usually $199, is on sale at Amazon for $99 in honor of Prime Day, a savings of 50%. It dipped that low last Prime Day, too, so you know it’s a price fit for the holidays.

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