5 Ways a plant based diet can help to save the planet

After the release of a popular documentary – The Game Changers, a lot of people…

5 Ways a plant based diet can help to save the planet

After the release of a popular documentary – The Game Changers, a lot of people have taken into consideration the long term health benefits of practicing a plant based diet. Along with multiple health benefits, one of the most crucial factors of having a plant based diet is that it helps combat climate change as it requires less percentage of agriculture land mass essentially.

Along with promoting human health, plant based diet is vital for promoting the health of planet earth as well. The food we consume is the cause and effect of a healthy environment and how we can keep our planet alive. It’s important to know the food we eat and its production. The high consumption of meat and dairy products is one of the major factors for global warming and it’s highly increasing at an alarming rate.

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Let’s look at some of the ways a plant based diet can help save the planet and thus, mankind.

1. Save water

If you consume meat then you are responsible for about 15,000 litres of water consumption for a day on average. Cutting down on meat will reduce the water footprint by almost 60 percent. It takes up to 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef, you can do the match now.

2. Reduce agricultural land use

Agriculture covers almost 40 percent of land mass on Earth and if we ditch meat and stick to a plant based diet then we require 42 percent of less cropland. 

3. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are related to food production out of which most of it is based on animal products. Another reason to switch to a plant based diet is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that if released at a higher rate would lead to global warming.

4. Save lives

It is proven that excess of meat consumption can increase health risks and developing any chronic diseases. Hence, eating more plants than animals can save lives and prevent premature deaths from multiple diseases.

5. Save animals

Last but not least, by switching to a plant based diet can help ease out animal suffering. Several documentaries like Eating Animals, Dominion and Lucent tell us about the gritty reality of factory farming and exposes the conditions in which animal rearing is done.

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