Advanced Recovery Plans for Any Athlete-Related Injury

Post-injury recovery is streamlined at Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy, where a new center is…

Advanced Recovery Plans for Any Athlete-Related Injury

Post-injury recovery is streamlined at Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy, where a new center is opening to treat patients with varying performance needs.

PLANO, Texas, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy (PMST) is a multi-disciplinary clinic that serves everyone from professional athletes to fitness fanatics in the Dallas metro area. The specialty at PMST is sports medicine, and now the team that is leading physical therapy recovery plans is moving forward with a new facility, designed to provide tailored performance programs, unique to each individual. Dr. Ron Tribendis, co-founder of PMST, talked with What’s Up DFW? host, Taryn Jones, about the benefits of a personalized performance plan.

Physical therapy is a well-known treatment method that helps any individual who experiences a musculoskeletal injury. Aside from the professional athletes that the clinic treats, those who exercise and experience mild to intense pain can benefit from the specialists at PMST.

While there are common physical therapy exercises and techniques for multiple injuries, PMST’s Dr. Tribendis recognizes the need for personalized treatment, regardless of the individual’s background.

“Performance means so many different things to different people,” said Dr. Tribendis, “You may have the average person that just wants to go down and get their mail and bring it back to their house. That’s their definition of performance. You may have an NFL lineman; his definition is going to be a lot different from that, but everyone can benefit from what we do.”

The founders at Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy hold a unique treatment philosophy, known as The Recover with Purpose System. Utilizing specialties across the sports medicine field, PMST combines structural, functional, and corrective methods of physical therapy to provide patients with a thoughtful recovery plan.

Dr. Tribendis believes it is the comprehensive efforts of his diverse team that sets the clinic apart.

“Everything we do when you walk in our doors is for a purpose. You may be coming in to see a chiropractor or a physical therapist, but we’re all working together as one team.”

PMST employs the talents of experts in the field, including exercise specialists and TREND Healthcare practitioners. Continuity of care allows for a more precise and beneficial experience for the individual needing treatment, according to Dr. Tribendis. With all specialists and equipment in one place, Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy can unlock incredible potential for those injured or those who want to step up their level of fitness.

Starting in December of 2020, PMST’s new performance center will offer rehab and recovery programs based on each patient’s injury history and performance. Individual athletes or entire professional teams can utilize the full sized facility as a recovery lounge, training gym, and physical therapy center. World class equipment, like the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, will be available to aid treatment. Memberships to the facility are even open to the community so any individual can access state-of-the-art features such as the indoor running hill or strength enhancing sand pit.

Other rehabilitative services PMST offers to patients include chiropractic care, active release techniques, acoustic wave therapy, massage therapy, and NeuroKinetic Therapy®, which is an advanced treatment for everyday ailments such as back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The performance programs utilize the best practices in sports medicine to improve recovery time, prevent injury, and maximize the performance of each patient. The goal is to give everyone the opportunity to receive specialized care from experts in the field and with the resources needed to recover properly.

Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy

PMST is owned and managed by TED Ventures. TED Ventures is a management and holdings organization focused on delivering the next generation of healthcare. TED Ventures and PMST are committed to the disruption of current medical systems by providing best-in-class resources at top value while delivering consistent, result-focused services for all patients, payors, and providers.

The mission at PMST is to provide comprehensive, non-invasive, and high-quality healthcare, working in conjunction with patients to improve quality of life. PMST specializes in helping athletes achieve optimal performance, but strongly believes everyone can benefit from a tailored recovery plan, based on their definition of performance. According to the specialists at PMST, the majority of over-use or general musculoskeletal injuries are a result of improper biomechanics. The Recover with Purpose System will determine the underlying cause of injury for more effective results. PMST can be reached at 972-473-8980 or by visiting to schedule an appointment.


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