An Easy No BS Guide To Creating A Simple But Effective Men’s Skincare Routine

We don’t quite know who started it, but it’s crazy to think that there are…

An Easy No BS Guide To Creating A Simple But Effective Men’s Skincare Routine

We don’t quite know who started it, but it’s crazy to think that there are still men out there who believe that good skincare is a woman-only game.

But in case you’re one of them, news flash: it’s 2020, and the world is much different as we know it. Teenagers are steadily reshaping our future, Kim Kardashian has her own documentary about the criminal justice system, and Japan is building a real 1:1 scale Gundam, so we believe men putting a lot more effort into caring for their skin shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise.

man2 Skincare isn’t just for women, and it’s time you take care of yourself as well. Photo: Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

But it’s a good change nonetheless, especially when for the longest time, all men know about grooming comprises of shower gel and body spray gift sets, with the occasional borrowing of their girlfriend’s facial wash (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But enough is enough, everybody stands to gain from proper skincare, and that includes men.

There’s no need to tiptoe around beauty products either, as we’ve made a list of simple but effective techniques to buff up your glow. Check out these do’s and don’ts for long-lasting results:

1. Stay hydrated

The first step to having a good skin game is to start from the inside, and that means drinking lots of water throughout the day. For our recommendation, make sure you down at least eight glasses of that good ol’ H20 a day. Dehydration makes your skin more vulnerable to skin disorders and premature wrinkling.

man3 Drinking water is one of the primary ways in keeping yourself hydrated and your skin moisturized. Photo: Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

2. Don’t eat too much sugar

Sure, you can indulge every now and then, as long as you won’t drink those caramel lattes daily. Not only are they not healthy for your body, but sugar is also a huge fan of causing inflammation in your system, which results in, you guessed it: breakouts. As such, make sure you eat cookies, donuts, cakes and any carbonated drink as less as possible, and opt for healthier choices. Don’t get too comfy with supposed “healthy” snacks like cereal and yogurt, as they might also contain sugar without advertising them. With these foods, it’s always a good idea to check the label.

3. Always lather up  

In addition to waking you up, a good splash of cold water on the face primes your skin for the day ahead, so make sure you pair it with a facial cleanser that can energize your skin and remove any gunk from the night before. For our money, we recommend the Lumin No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser.

lumin cleanser Lumin’s facial cleanser will help you prime your skin for the day ahead, and keep it clean before you retire for the night. Photo:

Specially formulated for men and their tougher skin, this cleanser from the famous brand uses a charcoal formulation to help suction out any dirt or impurity stuck on your pores. The rose flower oil, meanwhile, swoops in to prevent breakouts with its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, the centella asiatica uses active compounds to keep your face looking young.

Unlike soap, it also won’t upset your pH balance nor dry out your skin, and will just leave it clean and refreshed. Use upon waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night.

If you want a deeper clean, the Lumin Reload Exfolating Scrub will help regularly remove dead skin cells to reveal a fresh layer underneath. Exfoliating with this at least once or twice a week should leave you with rejuvenated and healthier skin, and can also help with old scars.

lumin scrub Exfoliating scrubs like this product from Lumin will help remove dead cells and reveal younger and healthier skin underneath. Photo:

4. Don’t expose yourself under the sun for too long  

As fun as it is to “frolic” under the sun, doing it for long periods of time can actually weather your skin and make it look older. While they certainly look inviting, the damaging sunrays actually help speed up the aging process by way of forcing your skin to lose elasticity and slowing down the production of collagen and growth of cells.

Fortunately, putting on some sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection and an SPF of 15 or higher should do the trick just fine.

lumin set This Lumin set is specially made to address aging signs caused by sun damage. Photo:

For those that may have started skincare too late and are already showing early signs of aging, the Lumin Age Management Set should more than serve your needs. Featuring a moisturizing balm, anti-wrinkle serum and dark circle defense, this set is made to target sun damage, wrinkles and even eye-bags. Simply use all three before sleeping at night and let the natural and active ingredients do the work.

This should help with issues like dehydrated skin, sun damage, oil regulation, crow’s feet, fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and pre-mature aging signs.

5. Get an appropriate amount of sleep daily

We don’t seem to get a lot of it these days, but clocking in the recommended amount of sleep every night is actually important in making sure our cells have the time they need to repair our bodies. And no, sleeping your whole Sunday away does not account for “proper rest.” Instead, make sure that you get a consistent amount every night.

That should work wonders for your skin, and you don’t even have to do anything but just rest.

man4 Sleep is important not just for your skin, but your overall wellbeing. Photo: Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

6. Stop smoking  

In addition to slowly increasing your chances of getting cancer, smoking also decreases the circulation and production of collagen, making your skin look saggy and pale. So unless that’s the kind of face you want to see when you look at a mirror years from now, ditch the sticks altogether and spend your money somewhere else.

7. Moisturize on the daily  

This is the external equivalent of drinking water daily, so make sure you always put moisturizer on, especially now that the colder months may mean drier skin.

For maximum effect, make sure that you apply moisturizer when your skin is still slightly damp to help seal moisture better. For our choice, we recommend getting the Lumin Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing Balm, which is built to help target both dryness and dullness.

lumin balm The Lumin moisturizing balm is the perfect way to keep your skin soft and hydrated all through the day. Photo:

This balm contains meadowfoam seed oil to help balance your skin’s oil production, apple extract to reduce the signs of aging, and ginger extract to fight free radicals. Best of all, the formulation is non-greasy, meaning your skin will easily absorb it.

Additionally, Lumin also offers other men’s care products for all your needs, and you can check their online shop here

8. Don’t stress yourself out!

Life in the modern world can be very stressful, and that can easily translate into your skin. This is because busy workdays, traffic jams and late nights can throw your hormone levels into flux, which then damages your skin cells and makes breakouts and wrinkles more likely.

Counter this by de-stressing and doing something you enjoy, be it a hobby or spending time with your loved ones. Slowing down every once in a while is always a great idea.

9. Eat your fruits and vegetables

And finally, the last ingredient in any good skincare routine is to make sure you eat a healthy diet comprised of fruits and vegetables. Make sure what you eat vary as well, as each of these plant-based food carries different antioxidants that are good for your body.

man5 A healthy diet is also important in helping keep your skin healthy and blooming. Photo: Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

As a general rule, eat at least five to seven servings of fruit and veggies every day. Not only will you keep your skin healthy, but you’ll also improve your overall health.