Application of Immunotherapy to $7 Billion Lower Back Pain Market Patented by Creative Medical Technology Holdings

PHOENIX, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — (OTC – CELZ) — Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc. announced…

Application of Immunotherapy to  Billion Lower Back Pain Market Patented by Creative Medical Technology Holdings

PHOENIX, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — (OTC – CELZ) — Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc. announced today receipt of a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its patent application, “Perispinal Perfusion by Administration of T Regulatory Cells Alone or in Combination with Angiogenic Cell Therapies.” 

The patent covers the use of activated T regulatory cells for inducing an increase in blood circulation in areas surrounding the disc of patients with lower back pain. It is believed that a significant proportion of patients suffering from lower back pain have abnormally poor circulation, which does not effectively remove waste products and irritants.  Restoration of circulation in the lower back is associated with reduction of pain.

The Company acquired a previously granted US Patent # 9,598,673 covering use of various types of stem cells, autologous and allogeneic, for treating lower back pain. The Company has completed an autologous cell therapy pilot study in the area of lower back pain utilizing this patented technology and is currently in the process of assembling data for publication.

“Creative Medical Technology Holdings is developing a critical mass of issued intellectual property covering multiple cell therapy treatments of lower back pain as well as other indications,” said Timothy Warbington, President and CEO of the Company. “Testimony to the size of the lower back pain market is the $1 Billion Mesoblast-Grunenthal deal for a pre-review cell therapy product1.  We are enthusiastic to add this new therapy to our expanding portfolio of rapid-to-commercialize cellular therapies.”

Creative Medical Technology Holdings has previously commercialized its CaverStemR technology involving personalized bone marrow cellular therapy for erectile dysfunction. This technology is covered by issued patent # 8,372,797 and a clinical trial demonstrating safety with signals of efficacy published in the peer-reviewed literature2.

“Immunotherapy is one segment of the biotechnology industry that is expanding at an exponential rate,” said Donald Dickerson, CFO of the Company.  “The recent Nobel Prize in the area of Immunotherapy of Cancer, as well as the current valuations of immunotherapy companies, validates the approaches that we have been developing, and now patenting.  Essentially our approach is to use stem cells, or immunotherapy to enable the body to heal itself.”

“The Company welcomes the biotechnology/life sciences community and key opinion leaders to contact us to discuss potential collaboration on our patented technologies in this amazing space,” Mr. Warbington said further.

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