Article: Is Medical Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Depression?

Millions of people suffer from depression today, with many more sufferers going undiagnosed and untreated….

Article: Is Medical Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Depression?

Millions of people
suffer from depression today, with many more sufferers going undiagnosed and
untreated. With such a statistic, it can be said that depression has become an
epidemic. Depression has become so prevalent that if you have not experienced
it, you certainly know of one who has.

Knowing this data, one
question that might spring to mind is: What should be done to treat the high
number of cases? Surely, there are lots of answers, but medication and therapy
being the two most popular treatment methods. However, these two are not the
only available options. One option that is growing in popularity is medical

Medical Marijuana and Major Depression

In this day and age,
depression is no longer something that people hide and silently deal with
alone. It is now seen for what is really is – an illness. Like patients with
AIDS or cancer, people with major depression should not be cast off, but

Marijuana is usually used
for self-medicating by people struggling with depression. It is because of this
that this plant gained the misconception of being the cause of depression. But
as we further look into the nature of weed, we learn that it is actually an
effective treatment option for depression.

Despite this, if you
have major depression, it is never a good idea to use cannabis to
self-medicate. It is still important that you qualify for it and that you use
it under the supervision of a qualified health professional.

Is Medical Marijuana an Effective Treatment?

For many years, people
have used cannabis to treat depression, with its ability to heighten mood and
give energy being well documented. Today, medical cannabis is being used to
treated several debilitating conditions like HIV and cancer. Patients with
these illnesses usually struggle with depression, and cannabis can help them
cope with these feelings.

Research on medical
marijuana is still in its early stages, with many of these studies focusing on
its curative properties for certain physical disorders. However, not much
attention is given to its possible effectiveness in treating psychological
disorders. With cannabis slowly being accepted as treatment in many countries,
researchers are starting to discover its ability to treat mental problems.

A marijuana and
depression research was recently conducted using a survey that targets
marijuana users and those who do not use weed. The study showed some very
interesting results: Out of the 4,400 people surveyed, those who used cannabis
exhibited fewer signs of depression compared to those who do not.

Additional studies were
done into whether recreational users are more depressed compared to medical
marijuana users as some experts have suggested, which also showed compelling
results. Recreational marijuana users does not appear to have more risks in
developing or worsening depression.

The study showed that
users of medical marijuana have shown to have more signs depression compared to
recreational users, which attributed to their different illnesses. No evidence
has been found suggesting that medical cannabis caused the depression. One of
most known risk factors of depression is prolonged illness.

Using Medical Marijuana for Depression

There are many ways to
consume medical marijuana to treat your depression symptoms. All of them have
slightly different benefits, which can make one method work for you best. Also,
there are people who prefer one method over the other, so they can pick their
consumption method accordingly.

The most common methods
include vaping or smoking, edibles, oral sprays and drops, and transdermal
patches. If this is your first time to use medical cannabis and you need more
help deciding which of these methods works best for your needs, do not hesitate
to talk to a qualified medical professional.

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