Caelynn Miller-Keyes Reveals Her Current Diet and Exercise Routine

Thanks to her time in The Bachelor franchise and in the pageant world, Caelynn Miller-Keyes…

Caelynn Miller-Keyes Reveals Her Current Diet and Exercise Routine

Thanks to her time in The Bachelor franchise and in the pageant world, Caelynn Miller-Keyes has built up quite the fan base. On Instagram alone, the reality TV star boasts 1.5 million followers and her new YouTube page is attracting new fans with each passing day. Fans of the beauty queen are interested in every aspect of her life. From her relationship with fellow Bachelor alum, Dean Unglert, to her style, to her diet and exercise regiment, fans want to know as much about Miller-Keyes as possible.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes diet and exercise routine
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Fans are particularly interested in Miller-Keyes’ diet and exercise plan. With her social media following, The Bachelor alum is considered to be an influencer. Because of that title, people are constantly questioning her about what she does to keep in such great shape so they can attempt to replicate her regiment for themselves. Miller-Keyes has been open about the fact that she’s prone to switching things up. But she recently gave fans an in-depth look at what’s working for her today.

Caleynn Miller-Keyes shares her workout history on YouTube

In one of Miller-Keyes’ YouTube videos, she opened up about her history with working out. According to the Virginia native, she didn’t love exercising growing up.”Working out was never something I enjoyed,” Miller-Keyes confessed. “I was never like super active as a kid. I did track, I did cheerleading, I hated both. I tried everything. I tried swimming, soccer, field hockey, tennis. I don’t know what it was, but in high school, it just wasn’t my thing.”

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Miller-Keyes continued on to share that, in recent years, she found activities that she could stick with. But, things changed with the arrival of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. “Maybe like two years ago I started going to hot yoga and to pilates and I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I love this’ and I finally found something that I loved and I was doing that consistently. And then COVID hit,” the Bachelor in Paradise alum stated. “I tried to work out in the apartment and I’d be great and consistent for one week straight. I would work out every single day and then I just wouldn’t work out for a week to two weeks and then it would be the same thing.”

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ alum has fallen in love with tennis

Though it took a few months, coronavirus has helped Miller-Keyes to rediscover tennis and fall in love with it for the first time. “And then we found tennis and I have been loving tennis so much,” Miller-Keyes shared. “It’s such a great workout and that’s all I’ve been doing lately. I do need to be doing more, I know, but I’ve noticed that like I’ve gotten more tone and definition from tennis.”

In addition to tennis, Miller-Keyes has also changed up her diet as of late. According to the former beauty queen, she currently follows a dairy-free, pescatarian diet. However, her ultimate goal is to become a vegan. Though she’s made significant progress to achieving that goal, she admits that it’s a longer process than she anticipated.

Miller-Keyes is slowly transitioning to a vegan diet

“I’ve been trying to transition to being vegan,” Miller-Keyes revealed. “I’ve cut out dairy, I’ve cut out meat, but fish has been so hard for me to cut out. I’m doing the same thing that I did with meat. Once a week I would allow myself to eat meat and I’ve been doing that with fish, but I just can’t let it go yet. So I’m not fully vegan. I’ve had a lot of questions about it. It’s taking longer than I thought it would.”

Though Miller-Keyes has yet to achieve her ultimate goal of veganism, she seems to be well on her way and appears to be leading a healthy lifestyle. And while we’re sure her fans can draw inspiration from her diet and exercise plan, we encourage everyone to do what’s best for their unique bodies instead of merely following their favorite influencer.