Dance2Fit Puts its Customers First When Developing Their Line of Workout Supplements

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dance2Fit is thriving after expanding its online presence…

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dance2Fit is thriving after expanding its online presence throughout 2020 to incorporate some of the largest e-commerce stores. D2Fit founder and lead coach, Jessica Bass James says that the company has nearly quadrupled in size since October of last year, after the launch of their specialty line of fitness supplements.

The D2Fit supplement line was created utilizing feedback from James’ customers and fanbase. Dance2Fit reaches video workout subscribers, certified Dance2Fit coaches, and millions of social media followers who together have helped shape the direction of this unique lineup of nutritional products. When James started branching out beyond videos and classes, she first ventured into workout apparel, selling t-shirts, and a particularly successful line of fitness leggings. The D2Fit supplement line was soon to follow as the demand for trustworthy nutritional products grew.

Powdered supplements now make up an enormous portion of the supplemental health market, with no shortage of choice in brands, quality, and ingredients. When D2Fit set out to enter the ever-growing world of sports nutrition, its founders knew they had to draw on their experience working with real people who use these products every day. One of the most prominent requests was for formulas that utilized collagen as part of a pre-workout powder.

Collagen is in high demand due to its researched effects on skin health and elasticity. Keeping skin healthy makes a real difference in the customer’s everyday health and outlook. In addition to its positive effects on the skin, collagen is known for its role in maintaining healthy bones and joints. For people who engage in rigorous exercise, especially dancers who are constantly on their feet, using their whole body, keeping joints healthy is a must. The strain of any workout that engages in high impact motions can be quite damaging to the body, so it’s important to take nutritional precautions.

D2Fit’s customer reviews speak for themselves, as the brand accumulates positive feedback both on its company website and through Amazon. Even with D2Fit’s commitment to evidence-based research for all of its products, its founders say they know that sometimes there is no more impactful selling point than reading reviews by fellow customers. A large portion of the sales of supplemental health products is derived solely from personal referrals and recommendations.

First-time buyers need to know that products have been vetted and approved by people who think and shop like they do, which is why Jessica Bass James has indicated that she would never release products that she would not use herself.

D2Fit has been building trust with its audience since launch, and now the brand can give back to its customers and fan base with quality sports nutrition products. D2Fit’s fitness nutrition line is currently available through and a number of e-commerce stores.

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