Did You Know There Is Something As Prediabetes Too? Know What Happens Then To The Human Body

Prediabetes is the term given to the stage where your body shows some signs that…

Did You Know There Is Something As Prediabetes Too? Know What Happens Then To The Human Body

Prediabetes is the term given to the stage where your body shows some signs that signal towards diabetes. Prediabetes is the stage right before diabetes. Basically, this is the time when your blood sugar levels are slightly higher than normal but not too high to be considered diabetes. Prediabetes is very important as these are indications that you need to make immediate lifestyle changes so that you don’t develop type-2 diabetes.

What are the symptoms of prediabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic condition that if you develop, is hard to get rid of for your entire life. Being diabetic not only means putting restrictions on sugar and sweet foods but it also puts you at risk of other lethal health problems. Watch out for these symptoms to find if you are in the prediabetic stage:

  • Abrupt weight loss
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased thirst which also causes frequent urination
  • Extreme fatigue

If you see these signs, you must get your blood sugar test done to see if your blood glucose levels are higher than normal.

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Causes and Risk Factors of Prediabetes

The insulin hormone is one of the important hormones for the human body. When its imbalanced is caused in the body, it leads to diabetes. Insulin resistance which is a term that defines diabetes is when the body either does not produce insulin or it doesn’t utilize it. In either of these cases, the increased glucose levels cause higher blood sugar levels which lead to prediabetes followed by diabetes.


Here are some risk factors for prediabetes:

1# Weight: Overweight or obese people are at greater risk of prediabetes. In particular, people with excess fat around the abdomen need to be watchful of diabetes. Fat cells trigger insulin resistance and therefore, prolonged obesity can lead to diabetes.

2# Poor physical activity: Most obese people are physically inactive or most physically inactive people are obese. Both of these are true and in both cases, you are at risk of developing prediabetes.

3# Age: Age is also a major factor in prediabetes. People aged above 45 are at risk of diabetes. However, now children are also becoming diabetic.

4# Family history: If diabetes runs in the blood, you may all fall prey to this chronic health condition. Hereditary transmission of diabetes is highly common.

4# Gestational diabetes: Women who got diabetic during pregnancy may also develop prediabetes later in life. They need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to rule out this risk.

Other health issues like high cholesterol, polycystic ovary syndrome, hypothyroidism, etc. are also risk factors of prediabetes. If a person has any of these issues, they must get themselves tested at regular intervals. 


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How to prevent diabetes?

Prediabetes is the initial level, you can prevent it from reaching the advanced level that is type-2 diabetes. If you take the right measures at the right time, diabetes can be prevented. Improve your food choices, get physically active and monitor your weight. If you follow these steps, you can prevent yourself from getting diabetic.

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