Dr. Nutrition 360’s Plant Sterol Formula Delivers as Promised

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Founder of Dr. Nutrition 360, Dr. Peter Ou…

Dr. Nutrition 360’s Plant Sterol Formula Delivers as Promised

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Founder of Dr. Nutrition 360, Dr. Peter Ou says he started the brand as a way to empower customers to make the best choices about which supplements were right for their specific needs. Selling its heavily curated supplement line through a variety of e-commerce sites has been a major advantage for Dr. Nutrition, as it enables the brand to reach more customers all around the world. Dr. Nutrition also has the advantage of selling its supplements directly from the manufacturer, so the brand has more control over its product distribution.

The Dr. Nutrition website is designed so that customers have the ability to search for individual supplements or those that address specific needs. Dr. Nutrition 360’s innovative user experience also allows consumers to customize their experiences based on their individual needs. In terms of individual supplements, one of Dr. Nutrition’s best sellers has been its natural Plant Sterol formula. 

Plant Sterols are the phytonutrients found in plant-based foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. These phytonutrients support digestion, but they can also help block low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is most often referred to as “bad” cholesterol. Plant Sterols are found in a number of food sources and are particularly high in foods such as brussels sprouts and certain nuts. But it can be difficult to get a adequate amount of plant sterols from food alone due to the high volume of sterol-rich plants it would take to meet the daily recommendation.

Processed plant sterols are more abundant in the American diet but they do not contain the same quality of nutrients as sterols that come directly from plant sources, free from processing. This is due to the fact that the nutritional value is damaged in the process of oxidation. Luckily, plant sterols are also available in supplement form, most commonly sourced from non-gmo pine. Taking a daily supplement like Dr. Nutrition’s Plant Sterol formula can make a significant difference in the overall absorption of other nutrients.

Dr. Nutrition’s Plant Sterol formula also contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are a type of unsaturated fat often found in fish but also other sources such as flax, chia, hemp, and walnuts.  The human body can make most of the types of fats it needs from other fats or raw materials, yet omega-3 fatty acids must be taken from an external source. A diet rich in fish or flaxseed can provide a portion of the recommended amount of Omega-3s. For most, supplementation is an effective solution to ensure that the daily dosage is sufficient.

Dr. Nutrition 360 has been exceeding its customers’ expectations with clinical research that supports the development of all of its supplement combinations. The brand’s Plant Sterol supplements with omega-3 fatty acids are currently listed for sale through Amazon.com and various e-commerce stores, with more to come throughout 2020.

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