Getting through at MVD is an exercise in patience | Letters To Editor

On Aug. 24, I sent in by mail my application to the Motor Vehicle Division…

Getting through at MVD is an exercise in patience | Letters To Editor

On Aug. 24, I sent in by mail my application to the Motor Vehicle Division for two license tag renewals, along with a nice check. Two days later, the fast-acting MVD cashed my check. As of Oct. 7, I have yet to receive in return the renewal stickers for my plates. MVD has an online form to be used to contact them with questions. I filled out the online form asking for assistance, in great detail, on Sept. 25, Oct. 5 and again on Oct. 6. No response. The MVD also has a telephone callback function. I requested a callback on both Oct. 1 and Oct. 2. No response. I then tried, on Oct. 6, to place a call and stayed waiting on the line in hopes of speaking to someone. After 45 minutes, I hung up. I’m not certain what else to do. In an effort to get someone’s attention, I’m thinking about simply taking off my license plates and then seeing what happens.

Having written a few books of my own, I’m aware of how critical it is for an author to come up with an arresting title for their book. Republican strategist Rick Wilson truly nailed it with his 2018 New York Times bestseller, Everything Trump Touches Dies.

It was sad for me to read the letter from the person who was accosted in the Trader Joe’s parking lot (“Unhinged over masks,” Oct. 2) for not wearing a mask. It seems to me that the Republican Party in New Mexico has more than its share of rude dotards.

Encouraging us to take off our masks and live our lives normally during COVID-19 times is the equivalent of asking us to play Russian roulette. The president has played Russian roulette and seems to be surviving, so he wants us to play, too. Is this another display of the president’s Russian connection?

I’m a retired special-education teacher with a master’s degree, having having worked in the field for 19 years. I find it amazing that President Donald Trump is still in office after displaying such outrageous behaviors. Those behaviors are narcissism, extreme cruelty, sociopathic tendencies and compulsive lying. These behaviors are symptomatic of an emotionally disturbed individual. In addition, Trump has an external locus of control in which he blames others for his mistakes. Normal people have an internal locus of control in which they take responsibility for their mistakes.

Every single day I am seeing obsessive reporting of every little utterance of 45. It seems very unbalanced, there is very little about Joe Biden’s campaign. President Donald Trump gets free daily campaign advertisements even though almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie and isn’t worth reporting about. That huge amount of attention is exactly what Trump needs to sustain his narcissistic personality, but it has nothing to do with a meaningful presidency. Please ignore his totally useless auditory and tweeted communications and print relevant news.

Of all the inhumane things President Donald Trump has said in the past four years, his recent statement — “Don’t be afraid of COVID” — is the most deplorable yet. It is an affront to every person who has died from COVID-19 or been sickened by it, to every person who loved those people and to every health care worker who has risked their own life to care for those stricken by it, including the president. He could have come through this ordeal saying that he now understands the seriousness of the virus and the need for every American to have access to the same level of medical care he is receiving at an affordable cost. But no, it’s all about downplaying it, even as cases are once again rising throughout the country. Please don’t vote for this arrogant, ignorant man again, or the next hospital visit may be yours.

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