How to Share Links on Instagram

As one of the most popular social media channels, Instagram, with about one billion monthly…

How to Share Links on Instagram

How to Share Links on Instagram

As one of the most popular social media channels, Instagram, with about one billion monthly users, is an excellent source of traffic and sales. Therefore, the endeavour of companies to get traffic through this network does not go unnoticed. No wonder companies are also inclined to buy Instagram followers to enhance their reach among the targeted audience.

However, there is a small ditch in an attempt to enhance sales through Instagram. The only place to add clickable links on Instagram is in the bio and not in comments or captions. Quite naturally, the process of link building on Instagram becomes challenging due to this small ditch. However, you can still make your way and get traffic on your site through Instagram in the following ways.

  • Using the link service

The link service of Instagram was popular initially, and companies used it vehemently. The popularity of this service went down in between. However, it is back with a bang, and a smoother user experience adds to the vigour of this service. The first link service to avail is Linktree that provides one link you place on the bio and takes the followers to the landing page with several links.

With the Linktree option, viewers can look at the content without getting in the hassle of switching out the link in the bio for every new link. Alternatively, the native Instagram experience is another option you can choose. Here, the viewers get an opportunity to tap a photo from the Insta-style photo grid that they prefer, and the link service sends them to the page on your website.

  • Share posts in captions

Indeed, you cannot share links on captions of the Instagram posts, but using the caption space for getting the attention of viewers is not impossible. You can use selected parts from your posts on the caption and enhance accessibility through hashtags. To heighten the experience of users, using a link shortening service is a good option as viewers can copy and remember the link. As this approach requires the followers to make more attempts to reach your site, you need to preserve it for high-grade links and contents.

  • Addition of swipe-up links to stories

Often, brands tend to include live links in their stories due to the short-lived nature of the latter. Therefore, adding links to new content that are transient is an excellent method of receiving the attention of users. For instance, time-restricted promotions, flash sales, time-based events and question-answer sessions with your followers once in a week are the links to share with the followers. Besides, saving the swipe-up links with stories with the highlight sections allow the stories to stay between the photo grids and bio. Therefore the story remains, and so does the link.

  • Paying for link promotion

People with a business profile on Instagram can pay for the promotion of stories and posts, which aids in the addition of clickable links. Even though the effort requires you to pay, the good news is that it drives traffic as the link stays in front of followers. The followers should find this method convenient, as they need not tread extra miles to visit your profile for clicking the link on your bio and paste an abridged form of the link on the browser. The concept is to make it easy for the viewers to click the link.

Here are a few ways to encourage your customers to visit the relevant pages of your websites through sharing links on Instagram. However, brands also buy Instagram likes to stay ahead in the competition and reach out to more customers.