Kelly Rowland Shares Her Secrets For Top-Tier Physical And Mental Health

Mark Von Holden/Variety via Getty Images We often treat celebrities like they’re superhuman, but they…

Kelly Rowland Shares Her Secrets For Top-Tier Physical And Mental Health

Kelly Rowland Shares Her Secrets For Top-Tier Physical And Mental Health
Mark Von Holden/Variety via Getty Images

We often treat celebrities like they’re superhuman, but they have basic needs like everyday people. One difference may be needing to put extra effort into maintaining a healthy routine in the midst of their chaotic schedules. 

Kelly Rowland knows everyday chaos, but she’s managed to find balance. The mom of two, wife, and singer has mastered the art of maintaining a jaw-dropping physique, a vibrant career, and raising young boys. So how does she do it? We caught up with Rowland to learn about her health and wellness habits, so we too can tap into her fountain of youth and fabulousness. An obvious starting point was taking care of her body, inside and out. 

“I am a Southern girl. I love food but I have learned to eat what I like in moderation,” Rowland tells ESSENCE. “I drink a healthy amount of water daily and I do some form of exercise daily. Pilates has become my favorite. That stretching is real.”

Rowland’s workout routine involves 90-minute workout sessions comprising cardio, weighted crunches, tennis, and bandwork, making her lifestyle a very often one. Most of us develop active lifestyles over time–we aren’t lifting weights and working out from the womb. For this reason, we asked Rowland how the way she cares for her health has changed from her twenties to her forties. The main change for the star has been becoming more conscious about her health. 

“I eat healthier and [am] more aware of what works for my body and mind. I know that being a mom made me acutely aware of how precious life is,” she says. The singer also hopes to pass these healthy habits on to her boys Titan, 8, and Noah, 2, whom she raises with her husband of almost a decade, Tim Weatherspoon. The health habits the mom most wants to pass on to her kids are eating foods that give them energy and drinking water–something her late mother always emphasized.

While our physical health is important, it’s not the only key to wellness. As we likely know by now, our mental health impacts our physical health and vice versa. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, depression can increase the risk of physical diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Rowland understands the importance of maintaining her mental health, which is a reason she has hard boundaries in place to protect it. One of them is taking time out for herself. 

“I do not have to be everywhere. And I choose the company I keep carefully. Who you have in your space could be as healthy or unhealthy as food choices. I also make a conscious decision to celebrate others, even on my social posts. It makes me feel good,” she says. 

Friendships clearly play a role in maintaining the mom of two’s peace. A few of her fellow famous friends include Beyoncé, Ciara, and Lala. She was also a bridesmaid in actress Bresha Webb’s wedding this past February. 

“My friends, especially my women’s circle, keeps me grounded and keeps me honest with my feelings,” she explains. “We celebrate each other’s wins and pick each other up when we fall.”   

Our health has many moving parts, but a solid routine can help us bring it all together. Rowland has adopted a morning routine that incorporates her wellness practices and ensures she can show up in the world as her best self. As a mom, that routine includes getting her family ready and out of the house. To do this successfully, she has to plan ahead, organize schedules, and take care of her own needs so the days run smoothly. One way she takes care of herself is through the use of supplements.

“Airborne, the original eight-in-one immune support, has a constant presence in my kitchen because it has supported me so many times. It’s so accessible and answers such a critical need – to support our immune systems, so you can keep your life running,” she explains. 

These immune system supplements are made for adults, kids, and also come in family packs. Some flavors you can find include elderberry and assorted fruit flavors. They also come as gummies, chewables, effervescent or liquid and are a source of vitamin C and zinc.  

Rest is also a fundamental aspect of Kelly’s health routine and a way to keep her energized and on top of her daily schedule. 

“I never thought I would be someone who gets in bed at 8:30 p.m. But sometimes, that’s what it takes for me to then get up at 5:30 a.m. so I can have an hour to get myself ready for the day before I get everyone ready in the morning.”