Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence established at Icahn School of Medicine

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Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence established at Icahn School of Medicine

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Leica Microsystems, Inc. have combined efforts to establish the Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

The new Center will support a mission to drive new discoveries and insights from scien-tific research performed using state-of-the-art imaging systems. A virtual ceremony took place today to mark the occasion.

The Center of Excellence features cutting-edge confocal and widefield microscopy technology such as Leica SP8 STED nanoscopy imaging, allowing researchers to capture images and video of the cellular and molecular processes of life.

The new partnership between Mount Sinai’s Microscopy and Advanced Bioimaging Core and Leica will ensure that we can meet the growing demand for novel microscopy-based instru-ments and strategies.”

Deanna Benson, PhD, Director, Microscope and Advanced Bi-oimaging Core and Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence in Microscopy, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

“Our partnership will also allow a free exchange of information be-tween Leica’s application scientists and Mount Sinai’s Core facility scientists crucial for devel-oping novel imaging strategies customized to address the wide-ranging research questions–from mechanisms of viral infection and cancer progression to cognition, stress and pain–posed by our research community.”

“With this agreement, we’re enabling researchers at Icahn School of Medicine to push beyond boundaries of what can be visualized and quantified and fulfilling Leica Microsystems’ mission to provide unrivaled insight for our customers,” said Greg Eppink, General Manager, Microsco-py, Leica Microsystems Americas.

“We look forward to continuing this exciting alliance for years to come – it’s an honor to serve the future of scientific research in collaboration with this top-tier institution.”

“At Leica Microsystems we are actively seeking to collaborate with leading research institu-tions. Icahn School of Medicine scientists are world-renowned and their dedication to advanc-ing our understanding of the mechanisms of life is truly inspiring,” said Douglas Giszczynski, Director of Academic Programs, Leica Microsystems Americas.

“We at Leica Microsystems are proud that they have chosen us as collaborators on this road to discovery.”

The Center of Excellence will provide valuable feedback necessary to drive innovation in soft-ware, systems and workflow solutions while informing the applications and advanced imaging and analysis techniques of tomorrow.

This supports the Leica Microsystems leitmotif of “with the user, for the user,” established by Ernst Leitz I, the entrepreneur who led the business to world renown.

For 170 years, Leica Microsystems has helped shape the future and continues to do so today with its latest digital innovations enabling new insights for research, medical, and industrial applications.

The opening ceremony will be followed by virtual seminars on September 23 and 24, presented by prominent Mount Sinai researchers discussing imaging applications. Socially-distanced hands-on and virtual demonstrations of the imaging systems will be available to researchers fol-lowing the seminars.


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