Liverpool personal trainer’s message of positivity to those worried about gym closures

A Liverpool personal trainer has urged people within the Liverpool City Region to “stick together”…

A Liverpool personal trainer has urged people within the Liverpool City Region to “stick together” in a message of positivity for anyone struggling with gyms closing.

Richie Swan is a South Liverpool trainer who some may recognise from his classes at Rise Fitness Studios.

Throughout the national full lockdown earlier this year, Richie set up his “Richie Kitchen” offering HIIT classes completely free, to help keep people fit whilst the gyms were closed.

After yesterday’s announcement, in which pubs, bars and gyms were told they must close from tomorrow (Wednesday, October 14), Richie took to his Instagram feed to reassure his followers.

In his message, he said: “So you’ve heard the news, Liverpool is back in lockdown practically, the gyms are closed, the pubs are closed, a lot of people are out of work or have to change what they do for work

“A lot of people are stressed I get it but you know what guys, we’ve done it once and we’re going to do it again – we just have to stick together. And for however long it is going to be, we just have to now adapt and find a new way of doing things to get through this.

“In terms of exercise it has never been more important because it is what is going to save our mental health, it is what is going to release your stress and also if a lot of us are stuck in again now we are going to be putting on weight if we don’t do something.”

Throughout lockdown Richie spent six months, offering free classes in his own time to ensure everyone was able to continue exercising.

Now gyms are closed once again, he offered he followers a solution and as well as recommending other PTs from across Liverpool who may be able to help too.

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He added: “My classes are going to be going back to five days a week while we have got no gym, five days a week Richie’s Kitchen full on.

“If you want to join up get in touch. I am also doing online PT get in touch with that. Other people in the city Harriet McGuffie, Vicky Wren, the Gym Bird, Callum Webb all of us are doing online training there is enough room for everyone to jump on board and keep fit and make sure we get through this together.”

From tomorrow, pubs, gyms, bars, casinos, betting shops and adult gaming centres will be closed.

Speaking in a press conference today, local leaders said they were working to get gyms reopened “as soon as possible”.

Wirral Council leader councillor Williamson said: “This wasn’t our choice.

“We’re really disappointed at this – especially given the mental health benefits.

“We will work to get them opened again as soon as possible.”

Mayor Joe Anderson said: “We made the points about gyms being safe to government- especially compared with other places.

“But the government weren’t listening. They had made their decision to close gyms, betting shops, casinos.”

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All of the leaders pointed to the “sunset clause” where the measures are reviewed every four weeks.

They said that reopening gyms was something they would be fighting for within the first review, meaning if they were successful gyms could reopen in just four weeks time.

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