Love Moore: Students to hold event supporting addiction recovery

EAST WHITELAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — There will be a special event Wednesday night at…

EAST WHITELAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — There will be a special event Wednesday night at Immaculata University to support addiction recovery and mental health services.

The college world is filled with students lost to drugs or things like depression and anxiety. The event Wednesday was inspired by a young life lost to addiction and aims to save others.

Rehearsing songs they’ll be performing about mental health and addiction recovery. The event is being organized by Melissa Rice.

“We’re going to share music that is going to inspire,” Rice said.

She was inspired by her cousin Stephen, who died from an overdose.

“This is my way of sharing his story and letting him know Stephen I love you always loved you and I’m so sorry,” Rice said.

Like so many she says Stephen tried and failed in recovery.

Wanting to help Stephen and others, Rice enlisted Immaculata music students to turn Stephen’s words into a song.

“I’m just so excited for everyone to get to hear it,” Breanna Kratz said.

The song is called “Love, Moore.” Stephen’s last name is Moore.

“He wanted to leave a message to let people know they’re not alone,” Rice.

They say it’s an especially important message for college students.

“You can always help somebody and find a way to inspire and uplift people when they’re down,” Marchello Barille said.

“If it helps one person it’s so worth it,” Rice said.

Resources will be highlighted at the event, along with other speakers and songs. A tribute to Stephen hoping to save others like him.

Proceeds from sales of the song, “Love Moore,” will go to a nonprofit that provides Narcan.

The concert event will be Wednesday night on campus in the green room.