Luxury Spa & Wellness Center – Hotel Stays in Slovakia

Luxury health spa in Slovakia Pool with healing mud Mirror pool with thermal water People…

Luxury Spa & Wellness Center – Hotel Stays in Slovakia
Luxury spa hotel in Slovakia

Luxury health spa in Slovakia

Pool with healing mud

Pool with healing mud

Mirror pool with thermal water

Mirror pool with thermal water

People looking to enjoy a medical stay or wellness retreat will have a great time at one of the best health spas on the green spa island of Slovakia.

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SLOVAKIA, September 7, 2022 / — Discover a life-changing and luxurious wellness retreat that combines luxurious European spa philosophies with the modern concepts of fitness, health, and nutrition. Connected to a famous hotel in Slovakia, the Spa offers a relaxing environment that will rejuvenate the mind and soul.

Today, this luxury property is one of the best in the country. The richly-decorated and immaculate Grand Restaurant boasts a remarkable and classic painting by Alphonse Mucha. Also, its sensitively restored and elegant rooms reflect the opulence and splendor of its imperial past.

Designed for renewal and nurturing, this contemporary oasis of serenity and peace integrates the finest cultural healing practices from Europe. The stunning health spa offers unmatched amenities, such as a unique historical mud pool.

These pools offer over 60 high-quality treatments that relieve musculoskeletal problems mainly based on the destination’s rich and remarkable natural healing resources as well as the latest medical know-how and technology.

Visitors can take pleasure in a signature facial or massage, then stretch their mind and body in the Spa’s beautiful garden, or sip away stress and anxiety at the peaceful tea bar.

With nutritional breakdowns, amazing food photography, and top-notch culinary tips, visitors will enjoy more than one hundred of the Spa’s tastiest dishes. From seared bronzini with chanterelle puree to caviar salmon cucumber crudité, visitors can bring the hotel’s delightful host of healthy plates with them.

With a healthy, balanced, and sumptuous cuisine and a wide range of beauty and relaxing wellness offers, tourists can enjoy the tranquil and serene surroundings that provide everything visitors need for a healthy and luxurious medical holiday!

Guests can enjoy the following amenities:

 Sauna area and fitness center

 Outdoor thermal swimming pool (32°C to 34°C )

 Whirlpool, Mud pool (39°C -40°C), and Mirror pool (38°C -39°C)

 Therapeutic and medical treatments

 Body wraps and baths, relaxation massages, and beauty treatments

Tourists looking to make the most of wellness retreats should partner with a reliable travel agent, such as Slow It Travel, which will take care of everything, such as creating a customized program. Slow It Travel also books sightseeings, tickets to opera/concerts, and restaurants as per tourists’ needs and wishes.

With Slow It Travel, a holiday starts at the time the person gets in touch, and the travel agent is confident in delivering its promise — of an incredible and memorable wellness holiday. It is not just Slow It Travel’s comprehensive knowledge, experience, and service that guarantee people a holiday to remember and cherish, but the company’s attention to detail that makes all the difference in selecting the right personalized holiday to ensure a happier and healthier return.

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