MediXall Group Gives Uninsured and Underinsured Users a New Way to Access Care Virtually Through Health Karma

On-demand virtual care designed to meet the unmet needs of over 80 million uninsured &…

MediXall Group Gives Uninsured and Underinsured Users a New Way to Access Care Virtually Through Health Karma

On-demand virtual care designed to meet the unmet needs of over 80 million uninsured & underinsured consumers in the US

Fort Lauderdale, FL – ( NewMediaWire ) – September 29, 2020 – MediXall Group Inc. (OTCQB: MDXL), a technology and innovation-driven organization focused on reducing healthcare costs and transforming the patient-provider experience through the launch of its Health Karma(TM) platform, announced today the launch of Telehealth solutions for the uninsured and underinsured. Starting today, Americans can conduct an online medical visit with a board-certified medical professional to get fast and easy treatment, prescriptions, and lab tests for routine medical issues. This new service is a result of Health Karma’s recent partnership with MeMD, one of the leading telehealth companies in the nation.

Through this partnership, Health Karma is able to provide access to virtual visits for consumers and may be particularly helpful for individuals who lack health insurance. 

It is well known that COVID-19 has accelerated telehealth adoption for a number of reasons. These include consumers’ fear of contracting the virus from medical facilities and the need for affordable care, particularly for those who have lost their jobs and subsequently lost employer-based health insurance. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, uninsured individuals are less likely to seek preventive care or see a primary care physician, often due to cost. By partnering with MeMD, Health Karma will enable patients and providers to connect virtually for common urgent care needs and behavioral healthcare to ensure they don’t forgo care because of cost. 

Health Karma offers affordable pricing, which will help meet the needs of people who may be completely uninsured or underinsured on a high-deductible health plan. Through Health Karma, users will be able to receive virtual visits for common medical issues, as well as telebehavioral health services for emotional and mental health concerns. 

Implementing affordable virtual care solutions is also a top priority for employers, as they struggle with rising healthcare health insurance premiums and the lingering effects of COVID-19. Telehealth services can help alleviate the burden and help save time and money for employees while reducing costs for employers. 

“Telehealth will continue to be a popular option for patients, providers, and employers beyond the pandemic. It is a privilege for Health Karma to provide affordable virtual care for our users to ensure they get the care they need at a price that is accessible,” says Michael Swartz, President of Health Karma. 

To encourage individuals to get care they may have delayed due to the pandemic, Health Karma is offering one free month of virtual care visits for every user.

To sign up for a free month of virtual care please visit, click on “Activate Free Pass” and use code HKCARE when signing up. Once you create your free account, you will be able to activate your telehealth subscription from your dashboard. No credit card or waiting is required, since you’ll gain immediate access to our telehealth services.

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