Muay Thai: The physical and mental benefits that you should know

Thailand is famous for the “science of eight limbs “, also called Muay Thai. Muay…

Thailand is famous for the “science of eight limbs “, also called Muay Thai. Muay Thai, a combat sport is a form of kickboxing, has a plethora of benefits which is why its popularity is on the rise. One good thing about Muay Thai is that it has both mental and physical benefits, some of which include stress reduction, good mental health, and weight gain.

Muay Training involves a lot of physical routines like shadowboxing, kickboxing, running and jump rope. 90 minutes of Muay Thai training can burn as much as 1,200 calories. If you have excess fat, and you want to improve the tone of muscles, or you want to live a healthy lifestyle, then Muay Thai training is your best bet.

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Regular attendance of the Muay Thai classes and training will leave you with a stronger core and greater flexibility.

Some other benefits of going to Muay Thai classes include:


The more you go for Muay Thai classes, the more you hone your skills. Regular practice results in steady progress. The more you improve, the higher your motivation to stick to your daily practice. New habits develop from there and the end result is self-discipline. Knowing that you are in it for the long haul makes you put your all.


Being able to defend yourself is a useful skill in a society where attackers are on the rise. If you want to develop the skills that will enable you to defend yourself, then learning Muay Thai is an excellent way to learn self-defense. Apart from that, it builds your ability to stay calm, the ability to ponder deeply about a situation and the courage to face your attackers. The fact that you can defend yourself gives you very strong confidence which in turn enables you to face any attackers. We all have that inner giant and Muay Thai awakens the giant within.

Increases Stamina

Let’s face it, anyone who wishes to go for Muay Thai training must be super strong. It is not for the feeble. It is normal to see Muay Thai fighters cross several hurdles and complete several rounds of physical activities without getting exhausted. One great advantage of Muay Thai training is that it increases the stamina of the fighter. It also improves the cardiovascular health of the Muay Thai fighter.

Lower Risk of Developing Hip Injuries

Old people that trained as Muay Thai fighters when they were young have a lower risk of developing hip injuries. Kickboxing is characterised by repeated movement of the knee, legs and hips and doing this has a lot of benefits especially when the person gets on in years.

Stress Buster

One way of reducing stress is by taking part in Muay Thai activity. The movement of legs and hands removes all the negative energy. The hormone that makes you happy is released. This makes you feel less stressed and totally invigorated.