Order an online gender test

A gender test that can tell you the gender of your baby as early as seven weeks…

Order an online gender test

A gender test that can tell you the gender of your baby as early as seven weeks into the pregnancy? Yes, that’s right, it’s possible! A blood based gender test can detect the gender of your baby with 99% accuracy, up to three months earlier than an anatomy ultrasound can. For those who simply can’t wait to know whether they are having a baby boy or girl, this is an amazing chance to find out early. You even have the choice between taking the test from the comfort of your own home, or taking the test in-office, with professionals present to help and assist you.

How do you order a gender test online?

Ordering such a test online means that you will receive a package in the mail, including all the materials you need to extract some of your DNA and send it to the lab. In this lab, experts will use the DNA you sent them to run some tests and determine whether you are expecting a little girl or a little boy. Once your results are ready, you will receive them via e-mail. This usually only takes 1-2 business days, so luckily you won’t have to wait in anticipation for too long. Would you rather not extract your own blood at home using the finger prick method? Not to worry! You can also choose to have your blood drawn by a professional by choosing the in-office kit when ordering your gender test.

Safely test your baby’s gender

When it comes to pregnancy and gender tests, safety always comes first. Always make sure you are eligible for such tests and take the necessary precautions, such as thoroughly cleaning the space around you before taking the test at home. Also keep in mind that if you are having twins or other multi-fetal pregnancies, this blood based test will not work for you. In this case, it is best to simply wait for your anatomy ultrasound to find out the gender of your babies. If you are eligible to take the test, then make sure you take all the necessary precautions, and enjoy getting to know what your baby’s gender is even before your anatomy ultrasound!

Privacy and safety measures

It should go without saying that the professionals who handle your DNA sample when figuring out your baby’s gender will do so with the utmost respect of your privacy and safety. The information will remain strictly between you and the experts who have gathered your results. This means there is no need to fear leaks, or to have a gender reveal party ruined through the spreading of personal and private information. Your DNA and your results are safe in the hands of experienced professionals. Within 4 business days of ordering your at-home kit, you can find your results in your inbox.