Outrage Nation Fitness Community Channeling Anger to Improve Physical Health

EMIT’S CROSSING, Colo., Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Fueled by rage over a nasty break-up, Ashley…

Outrage Nation Fitness Community Channeling Anger to Improve Physical Health

EMIT’S CROSSING, Colo., Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Fueled by rage over a nasty break-up, Ashley Bancroft channeled her anger into what has quickly become an online movement of individuals getting into the best shape of their lives with frustration as the motivation. Outrage Nation Fitness is Bancroft’s brainchild, conceived after she realized she was in top physical shape as the result of rage-infused workouts to alleviate feelings of anger.

“It didn’t take long for me to figure out that working out while I was feeling angry was at least three times as effective as a normal workout,” said Bancroft. “My friends and family were shocked and wanted to learn my secret. What started as the embers of a small community has grown into a roaring firestorm of sweat and hellfire.”

A crucial element of Outrage Nation Fitness is the private online community of scorned individuals who need to vent. The movement uses anger as the building block for physical fitness and community. While anyone can follow the 10 steps, the best results are achieved by working with others in the community rage boards. These exclusive ‘community rage boards’ allow members to share their anger to get fired up and healthy.

Outrage Nation Fitness follows Bancroft’s signature 10-step method to achieve amazing results. Step one involves the stimulus – looking at text messages, pictures, and social media posts that strike a nerve and elevate your heart rate. Step two is angry breathing – sharp, quick exhales – followed by step three which is light cardio such as jumping rope or butt kicks. Step four involves engaging with the stimulus by reacting, commenting, replying, reporting, and blocking. Step five is transferring your rage on behalf of a fellow community member, with step six being engagement with that community member’s target. Step seven is working on your arms, and step eight is a verbal manifestation exercise to release your desires to the world. Step nine is a kinetic energy release, achieved by such things as running, biking, or dancing. Finally, step ten is speaking one minute of affirmations to reward yourself for all your hard work.

“Outrage Nation is proof that anger doesn’t have to be a bad thing,” said Bancroft. “My dramatic transformation and successes are a living testament to the power of rage. Everyone gets upset, but not everyone gets fit. You can’t choose to get mad, but you can choose how you respond.”

Individuals can join Outrage Nation Fitness anonymously at https://outragenationfitness.com. The movement can be followed online on various social media channels, at https://twitter.com/OutrageFitnesshttps://instagram.com/outragenationfitness and https://tiktok.com/@outragenationfitness.

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