Peak into the actor’s fitness regime and best looks through the years

© Provided by Hindustan Times Over his 13 years career in the industry, we have…

Peak into the actor’s fitness regime and best looks through the years

© Provided by Hindustan Times

Over his 13 years career in the industry, we have seen Bollywood hunk Ranbir Kapoor essay an amalgamation of roles that have won over fans and critics alike but off-screen, his fitness regime too has been the talk of the town. Be it his debut in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 2007 romance flick Saawariya or Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju in 2018, Ranbir has continued to make waves in cinema with one brilliant performance after the next.

His versatility does not just stop at the kind of roles he has played in the past but also to the rigorous amount of changes he has made to his body and fitness. For Ranbir, hard work and talent go hand in hand, contributing to his overall superstar status. As the ‘Rockstar’ rings in his 38th birthday on September 28, here’s gushing over some of his recent best looks, intense workout sessions and diet plans that go into making him look like the absolute heartthrob he is.


Ranbir has played the role of a wayward youngster, a young man experiencing love for the first time, a rockstar and even a criminal. Somehow, he manages to embody each character so well, while still adding his personal touches to it, that it becomes impossible to distinguish the character from the actor himself.


It might be hard to entirely place Ranbir Kapoor’s chiselled good looks in any one particular category. With his innocent face and soft brown eyes, he has captured the heart of many a person, but when the slight stubble, raised eyebrows and muscular arms come into play, it is over for everybody. When it comes to fashion, Ranbir likes to stick to the basics, rocking plain tees with jeans and plaid shirts, polo shirts, traditional Indian kurtas and the classic peacock coat. Whether he is dressed formally or in casuals, Ranbir looks like a runway model every single time he steps out.


Ranbir is also known for his charming wit and humour and he has often shared with his fans that he is greatly influenced by his grandfather Raj Kapoor, and this reflects in his acting as well.


Like most actors in Bollywood, Ranbir has a personal trainer, whom he meets every day, despite his busy shooting schedule. When it comes to dieting, the actor keeps it simple, eating eggs and cornflakes for breakfast, and mostly chicken or fish for dinner. For snacks, he goes for fresh juice or green tea. From cardio to weight exercises, Ranbir’s workout routine depends on the kind of body he is required to maintain for his current role. His main focus remains on his core muscles and building body strength as much as possible.


Ranbir Kapoor is also an avid practitioner of kickboxing and often enjoys playing football.

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