“Physical Therapy Dad Jokes” Book Makes Life ‘Humerus’

Over 90 pages of anatomy jokes to keep yourself and your patients entertained! You’ll ulna…

“Physical Therapy Dad Jokes” Book Makes Life ‘Humerus’

Over 90 pages of anatomy jokes to keep yourself and your patients entertained! You’ll ulna cringe once or twice, but the laughs are guaranteed.

Make Life Humerus”

— Andrew Vinh Tran

CINCINNATI, OH, USA, September 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Looking for a dad joke for physical therapists? Get this “Physical Therapy Dad Jokes Book” that is full of nerdy medical puns, one-liners that is sure to keep your classmates, coworkers, professors, and clinical instructors groaning in a humerus way.

This great book of Physical Therapy Dad Jokes that are punny and cringe-worthy.

No, you don’t have to be a Physical Therapy Dad to appreciate these jokes. They really are great for anyone in the Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy world!

Make life humerus and get this book for yourself or as a gift for your clinical instructor, professors, friends, classmates, or coworkers!

Amazon Reviews

“I am currently a second-year PT student and as anyone who has been through PT school knows, it can be A LOT to say the least. If you’re a PT student and you need a little bit of joy during your study breaks, I would highly recommend buying this book and reading a few jokes to give you some lighthearted motivation. We are currently in a pandemic, but if this were the past or the future, I could see myself memorizing some of Andrew Tran’s PT Dad Jokes and pulling them out at a student or national conference to use while networking. This will always hold a place on my bookshelf!!” Kennedy WIlliams

“I was just telling my PT classmates today how I cannot wait to have this book on my coffee table or clinic someday! Love how you’re keep life humerus. We need it!! Thank you for supplying me and my future patients with endless laughs.” -Anna DeTray

“A corny, yet funny joke book for those in the healthcare profession. Sometimes, you just need a little laugh to get you through the workday. Def recommend as a great gift for current/ future PT’s!” – Christine P.

“If you’re tired of the seriousness of 2020, buy this book to make to your day ‘humerus’.”- Mike

About The Author

Andrew Tran is a physical therapist who started what was originally a memes page for physical therapists on Instagram (@physio_memes) in 2016, a few months after he graduated from his doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Cincinnati. Andrew was looking for a place that was consistently posting memes for Physios and couldn’t find one, so he ended up creating one himself. His brain naturally thinks in memes so he created many of his own and share others that he found.

About a year later, he was looking for some shirts to wear for PTs, but the same thing happened. Andrew couldn’t find a website or company that sold PT swag. He started off creating his first shirt for a Thanksgiving Crossfit competition in 2017. It was called the “Turkeys Get Up” which was a guy doing the Turkish Get Up, which is traditionally done with a kettlebell, but had the guy using a turkey. Someone saw the shirt and asked where he got it from. He was ecstatic that someone else liked it! He couldn’t hide the emotion, smirked, and told them that he made it. He sent them the link and made his first-ever sale with a shirt. There are hundreds of PT apparel and products now at Physiomemes.com.

Dr. Andrew Tran had plenty of ideas to put on shirts, just like he did with memes. Ideas kept rolling out and ended up creating an entire apparel and products store for the physical therapy profession. Many people don’t know what physical therapists can do. “Can I get a massage?”, “Are you like a personal trainer?”, “Wait you have your doctorate?”, and the list goes on. PTs have been frustrated or wanted to roll their eyes when they hear statements like this.

While Andrew was growing his page with memes and swag, he had a handful of people tell him that he was helping brand the PT profession. Andrew didn’t realize it at the time, but he was educating people in a different way with memes, jokes, punny apparel, and social media content that others could use to educate their patients.

PTs have a long way to go with having people know exactly what they do, but Andrew didn’t want to be just another person that complained and didn’t do anything about it. This was his way of advocating for the profession.

Since then, his goal has been to be able to help people grow their brands, which in turn helps each of us impact the lives of our family, friends, and community. PTs can’t just sit around and wait for certain laws to pass, or have politicians vote a certain way. While this is helpful, each therapist can all do their own part. Physical Therapists often educate patients once they are in their plan of care. What about those who do not come to them first?

When anyone can directly market so PTs can reach and educate their communities before they go get unnecessary injections, surgery and prescription opioids. That is where the true impact is.

Over the years, Dr. Andrew Tran has helped Pre-PTs, SPTs, PTs, and business owners on growing their brand, social media reach, and influence in their community.

This book is honestly just a fun project he has been thinking about doing over the last few years. Andrew believes in spreading positivity, having fun during the journey, and bring you some laughter to #MakeLifeHumerus

The cringe-worthy Physical Therapy Dad Jokes in Andrew’s book is a compilation of jokes from his team and submissions from followers over the years.

Enjoy and submit any jokes, riddles, and stories to [email protected]. He may use them for the next edition!

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