Pigi caters to Ayurvedic supplements sector with Greenscience Naturals!

© Provided by DNA Ayurveda is the hidden treasure of our country, a heritage that…

Pigi caters to Ayurvedic supplements sector with Greenscience Naturals!

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Ayurveda is the hidden treasure of our country, a heritage that has innumerable benefits for our mind, body and soul. Ayurveda is essentially the perfect blend of science with the art of healthy living.

Its extensive healing attributes work like magic on many diseases by filling in the deficiencies naturally and enhancing the level of our physical, spiritual & psychological wellness at large.

Pigi champions the use of the age-old, completely natural and very valuable, Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients to create health supplements that enable our customers to lead a long, blissful and healthy life ahead.

With its flagship brand, Greenscience Naturals launched recently, Pigi strives to cater to the Ayurvedic supplements sector efficiently.

Greenscience Naturals has been formulated with an initiative to bring safe, organic and 100% genuine Ayurvedic supplements to the market that are suitable for all age groups to aid different requirements.

The brand, with its competent professionals and Ayurvedic science experts, conducts elaborate studies through several scientific research and development projects in order to develop top of the line products that help to improve the overall well-being.

The company has developed an All-In-One brain, hair, skin, immunity & health booster, made from a combination of various Ayurvedic herbs. It is developed by keeping in mind every possible requirement of the human body and is designed to cater to all age groups with no side effects at all.

It has been thoroughly tested and certified by the experts before being passed as safe for intake. The best part is that there is no need for any other medication or any extra supplements to be taken apart from this, just follow your regular food habits, and you are sorted.

Ayurvedic supplements help people in leading deficiency-free, healthy and fulfilling lives, taking care of all those nutrient intake requirements of the body, at different stages of life, all at once.

As Ayurveda keeps the ‘doshas’ in a well-balanced state, it is able to regulate the body and mind, effectively ridding human beings of the bad impact caused due to anxiety, stress, dehydration, low energy, or excessive exertion.

It is a science that focuses on the holistic wellness of a person, improving one’s general health regardless of age or gender, in a natural and subtle manner.

There are numerous benefits of Ayurvedic supplements for dealing with long-time health concerns, including weight loss and maintenance, healthy and glowing skin and shiny, smooth hair, regulating stress levels, reducing inflammation, cleansing the body of toxins and keeping low blood pressure, cholesterol etc in check.

Having the goodness of medicinal properties, Greenscience Naturals’ All-In-One Ayurvedic health supplement stands in a league of its own and provides all the rich values of a myriad of herbs, minerals, vitamins and protein, simply rolled into one single product.

Moreover, it helps enhance the quality of your daily life as it encourages people to make Ayurveda a lifestyle choice for their own good.

The key ingredients that are used to develop this flagship product are Plant Protein for strength as it helps to increase the muscle mass, boosts metabolism & helps in maintaining weight loss while staying fit as one age.

Next, Brahmi is used for brain development that acts as a neuroprotector for the brain while enhancing the cognitive abilities and brain chemicals that account for learning & memory. It also reduces brain degeneration largely.

Moringa is used for immunity, practically defending the viral, fungal & bacterial infections and helps in killing cancer cells. It also safeguards the kidneys and liver, prevents damage to brain tissues and lowers the blood sugar levels to protect against diabetes.

Few other ingredients that are employed include aloe-vera for skin & detox for making your skin glow by removing toxins as it contains healthy plant compounds. It also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties and helps to reduce constipation. 

Also, Omega 3 flaxseeds are added for heart, helping in reducing risk factors for heart disease. Wheatgrass is added for all organs, amla for improving hair quality and eyesight as well as some more vital multivitamins for ensuring complete well-being.

With such wondrous health benefits coming together in one magical scoop, our Ayurvedic supplement certainly makes it like a great profitable investment in your future health & fitness, changing your life for good, forever.

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