Pigi Fitness Company launches its flagship Redscience FULL STACK Whey Protein for Athletes

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Pigi Fitness Company launches its flagship Redscience FULL STACK Whey Protein for Athletes

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The life journey of an athlete is not easy; they have to put in a lot of hard work to attain a strong and sturdy body for becoming a successful professional. Equally or even more important to an extent, is their diet and nutrition intake that goes hand in hand with their tough and strenuous exercise routine. In the absence of adequate nutrition and the right blend of protein, vitamins and minerals to support their body, athletes are unable to perform well despite the amount of physical toil they may put in.

Herein, comes the utmost vital role played by health supplements to aid in getting the right nutrition to the athletes, supporting their healthy diet of natural foods alongside, so as to make up for those nutrients that the body fails to derive from regular diet. The right supplements not only take care of any deficiencies that they may have or develop but also empowers their body for building more muscle mass, muscle strength and growth and enhances their levels of endurance and energy, that are all a must for any athlete to begin with.

Pigi Fitness Company, a renowned brand in the world of sports nutrition and health supplements, has launched its flagship Redscience FULL STACK Whey Protein Powder product range, designed exclusively for catering to the specific health and nutrition needs of professional athletes. It takes care of the one worry that most professionals are surrounded with nowadays i.e. the safety and authenticity of the supplements being offered. It has a highly transparent system in place to guarantee the peace of mind for all its valuable customers, right from selling of products to having the supplements well verified as well as offering an elaborate information supply regarding the ingredients being used in the supplements upfront.

While Pigi offers a wide range of health and bodybuilding supplements including Whey protein powders, Whey Isolate protein powders, mass gainer and muscle building supplements and the more generic multivitamins and sleep support supplements etc. Redscience offers a more specific variety of supplements, meant for athletes to significantly enhance their anabolic, anaerobic & athletic performance in order for them to deliver faster, proven & better results.

The company has developed the flagship FULL STACK™ series using various ingredients that are scientifically proven to be most effective for muscle building, athletics & fitness activities. Their marquee products include FULL STACK™ 100% Bodybuilder’s Whey Protein, FULL STACK™ Diamond ISO-Whey and FULL STACK™ Hulk Mass Gainer. Some of the quality ingredients sourced from US markets that are employed in these products include whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, L-citrulline, beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, glutamine and more. 

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Launched recently in October 2019 as an independent brand in sports nutrition by Pigi, Redscience is already making a mark for itself in the market for its 100% safe, natural, authentic products at highly competitive prices, made available at ease to customers countrywide. And with its parent company, Pigi having successfully scaled in 2 years to an impressive 50 crores annual run rate (pre Covid’19 figures) that were bootstrapped and cash profitable and having over 800K+ downloads on its app, Redscience is also expected to write its own success story real soon, given its phenomenal start.

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