Powell Nutrition offers shakes and teas for healthier lifestyle

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Had the coronavirus pandemic hit three years ago, Tonya Wilde probably would have been a mess.

That’s when Wilde was opening her two gyms – Total Fitness Kickboxing – in Powell and on Kingston Pike.

But, having run those two businesses since 2018, she understands that she can only do so much.

That’s why the delays in getting the doors open to Powell Nutrition (3533 W. Emory Road, in the strip mall near KARM) haven’t worn on her.


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“The Powell community is excited for us to be open,” said Wilde, who finally got things going in early August. “The COVID situation held up our product. There really wasn’t anything we were able to do about it, so we couldn’t stress out.”

Powell Nutrition will feature high-quality plant-based protein shakes, juices and teas serving as meal substitutes. Whether it’s gaining muscle, losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Powell Nutrition has the product to help.

“The most important part of the experience is for our staff to ask the right questions,” Wilde said. “When we know your objective, we can find the right product. It’s all about building a relationship.”

A believer   

Wilde, who has an athletic background dating back to her high school days in Karns, has been a believer in protein supplements. Some current clients in her gyms have had weight-loss success.

Add in more than 100 flavors from which to choose and the possibilities abound.

“I’ve always believed that you can’t outwork a bad diet,” Wilde said. “We’re going to be here to give everyone a healthier choice.”

Wilde’s favorite is the cookies and cream shake. Then there’s the Vanilla Elvis, the Dolly Parton, and a banana nut bread that smells just like the real thing.

“I’ve seen the change in attitude that comes with the changes with the body,” Wilde said. “Before I got involved with this, I did my own research. I tested the product and I love it.”

Work ethic matters   

No matter the nature of the business, whether it’s service-oriented like a gym or product-oriented like Powell Nutrition, the basic premise doesn’t change.

“It takes the same work ethic in both places,” Wilde said. “The goal is to make the customer happy. If someone walks in the door, somebody better say ‘welcome.’”

With her staff of at least five employees, Wilde spent July in the training mode. They visited Bearden Nutrition, a sister store, and learned how that established business functions.

“I learned how important the flow is,” said Wilde. “The whole flow of the process has to be comfortable for the customer to feel good about the experience. When you can get everything set up the right way, and have your staff in the right places, the whole flow will work.”

Wilde has leaned on a mentor, Lori Case, who is from out of the area but has experience in making a place like Powell Nutrition work smoothly.

“Lori stressed that I need to be patient, especially during COVID,” Wilde said. “Everything will happen, it’s just a matter of making it fall into place.”

Powell Nutrition is open 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday.

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