Selena Gomez “Went Into a Bit of a Depression” at the Beginning of COVID

Getty Images, Tibrina Hobson / Stringer To celebrate World Mental Health Day on October 10th,…

Getty Images, Tibrina Hobson / Stringer

To celebrate World Mental Health Day on October 10th, Selena Gomez had a virtual visit with Dr. Vivek Murthy, who served as Surgeon General under the Obama Administration, during which they talked about warding off loneliness in a time where human connection is strained. Gomez, like so many of us, admits to going “into a bit of a depression” at the start of the pandemic, and girl, we feel you.

“In the beginning, I couldn’t deal with it that well,” Gomez said. “And then I started going into a place where I was really writing and being active. It just forced me to have that time.” She later added that her job is all about traveling, meeting people, and making fans feel happy—all of which she hasn’t been able to do.

But, the singer and Rare Beauty founder has been able to find a silver lining in the aloneness by honing in on the relationships that truly matter. “I’ve been able to spend time with those people—those quality people—a lot more than I ever have, and spending a lot more time with my family,” she said.

“I’ve become normalized in this situation that is not normal,” she added.

Gomez has also explored her creativity in recent months, channeling her sudden abundance of time into big projects.

“Slowly, towards the end, I found thing things I’m doing are coming out, and that was extremely exciting for me. I’ve worked on personal things like a beauty line that has a goal of reaching $100 million in 10 years for mental health,” Gomez shared. “And recently, I’ve been able to go to the studio. So I would say right now, I’m fully coming out again and I just think I had to handle it the way I needed to handle it, and got through it with the right people and doing the right things and doing the right steps to not make me go crazy.”

Taking care of your mental health during this time of unrest and uncertainty is the most important thing we should all be doing. Take a page from Gomez’s handbook and reach out to your biggest supporters to ask for help, because even if we feel lonely, we’re never actually alone.