Spectrum prepares to welcome patients in ’spa-like setting’ at Women’s Health and Wellness Center

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Spectrum Health’s new Women’s Health and Wellness Center, designed to provide…

Spectrum prepares to welcome patients in ’spa-like setting’ at Women’s Health and Wellness Center

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Spectrum Health’s new Women’s Health and Wellness Center, designed to provide a broad range of services in a spa-like atmosphere, will beginning seeing patients on Wednesday, Sept. 2.

The 10,000-square-foot center, located at 4069 Lake Drive, will offer the convenience of same-day appointments. Approximately 50 patients will be seen on their opening day, said Shauna Boughey, director of operations for women’s health, during a Sept. 1 media tour of the facility.

The new center will offer a wide range of services to meet women’s specific health care needs such as preventative care, nutrition, breast and bone health in a “spa-like setting,” Boughey said.

“I think that the way your average medical facility is set up might turn some women off to coming in altogether, which then obviously impacts their health and wellness,” said Natasha Peoples, nurse practitioner for midlife, menopause and sexual health.

She went on to explain how most facilities focus on quickly taking vitals and getting through appointments, whereas the new women’s center hopes to create a more calm, slow-paced environment. Additionally, the center offers longer appointment times for patients.

The center combines multiple specialty services such as midlife, mental health and holistic services, in one location. Services include sexual health, bone health, cardiology and much more — both within the center and virtually.

“One of the benefits of this center is we have clustered all different types of care for women in one setting,” Boughey said.

The specialists will be available onsite throughout the week, allowing clients to maximize their visit by being able to schedule a few appointments on one day.

For example, a woman would be able to schedule her annual wellness exam, along with a mammogram, and also have the option to receive pelvic floor physical therapy — all on the same day. For convenience, patients will have the option to receive their mammogram results within one hour, unlike at other Spectrum Health facilities.

“We’re looking to help keep the women in West Michigan healthy, but also to prevent illness … and find ways they can take care of their health conveniently and efficiently in one beautiful and welcoming space,” Peoples said.

Personalized care, including virtual visits, will be tailored for each patient. All of the exam rooms in the center are equipped for virtual appointments, including their wellness room where group classes will be available.

The wellness room and other spaces are dedicated to classes on relevant topics such as healthy eating, meditation and managing stress. Psychotherapy is available for patients, both within the center and virtually.

In an effort to reflect the female patients and provide a more welcoming environment, each exam room bears the name of an adjective to describe women rather than a typical room number. Room names include “dedicated,” “remarkable,” “confident” and “brilliant.”

“We’re hoping that this will be a calm and welcoming space that women can come to and feel comfortable doing things that we find necessary to keep them healthy, but also that isn’t always their favorite thing to do,” Peoples said.

“We want it to have a spa-like feel to it so it doesn’t feel like you’re doing a chore, it feels like you’re just taking good care of yourself.”

For added comfort, patients can wait in the tranquility room where there will be Zen music, robes and beverages. Throughout the center, earth-tone decor and work from Michigan artists is on display as an added touch.

An online health and wellness portal will be offered to provide easy access to information regarding women’s health, lifestyle tips and classes, among other things.

The center’s approach and model is designed to be inclusive of all women and does not require a membership. A variety of health insurance is accepted as payment as well.

One healthy visitor is allowed to accompany each patient to appointments with the exception of the mammogram screening room to limit radiation exposure. Visit Spectrum Health’s website for their latest visitor policies as they are subject to change.

More information about the new center is available at spectrumhealth.org/womenscenter.

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