The best personal training apps

One of the best-established online coaching apps for building fitness, getting toned, and losing weight…

The best personal training apps

One of the best-established online coaching apps for building fitness, getting toned, and losing weight with exercise, Freeletics was designed to challenge and inspire users to become their best selves mentally and physically.

The Freeletics credo of pushing people to be their best selves is one many seem to relate to as the brand now has more than 40 million users in 160 countries — the app is even available in 10 languages. 

Freeletics’ approach is holistic body and mind coaching through personalized, AI-powered programs designed to help you build good habits and reach long-term health and fitness goals. Coaching includes a workout plan, as well as educational and motivational audio courses with nutrition coaching and community support completing the package.

Fitness programming is running-based, weights-based, bodyweight-based, or all three, and if you want to follow a pro athlete’s training program, you can join a specific athlete’s workouts, regardless of your own fitness level.

Freeletics workouts are all HIIT-based for maximum metabolism boost and calorie burn. AI coaches incorporate 170 different exercises in an infinite number of workout sequences to make sure your workouts don’t feel stale, too.

The app’s 57 signature workouts, named after Greek gods and mythological characters, are the site’s most popular and feature leaderboards that encourage competition. Interval workouts are a more private affair, built for you by the AI coach based on your goals and fitness level. You can track your progress and commit to a fitness Journey for six to 12 weeks. 

Freeletics knows life is unpredictable, so they built an Adapt Today feature that lets you notify your coach if you’re sore, injured, quarantined, or short on equipment, time, or space for prescribed workout. The AI coach tweaks the programming instantly and provides a workout to fit your needs to keep you on track. 

In addition to HIIT, Freeletics offers a Mindset Coach that works with the app’s AI algorithm to teach mindfulness techniques. Each 5- to 20-minute session is geared to establishing routines, coping with setbacks, managing stress, improving focus, and fine-tuning recovery and sleep.

Freeletics nutrition coach even helps users shift to cleaner eating, whether for weight loss or health. The app recommends caloric intake, meal numbers, and macronutrients providing weekly meal plans, personalized advice, and healthy eating-out alternatives. A social media-like feed lets app users connect with other Freeletics athletes for motivation and support. 

Cost: $75/year (coaching only to $147/year (workouts, mindset, and nutrition coaching). Three and six-month rates are also available.

Equipment required: Running sneakers and yoga mat to gym with weights

Pros: Connects you with a worldwide community of users, flexible fitness goals; virtual coach fine-tunes and personalizes workouts as you provide feedback

Cons: No event training option

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