The time has come now to live healthy again and lose weight. Drop the excuses!

After Covid, you might have gained a few pounds. Well, luckily you are not alone…

After Covid, you might have gained a few pounds. Well, luckily you are not alone in that. Many people have realized the benefits of working from home, but move even less now. Their bike is gathering dust and the tires are flat. Having a walk with your coworkers in the break happens only once a week nowadays. And your belly is growing and growing. You know it is true: the time has come to lose weight.


Okay, so before you get started, you first plan a date. It has to be between now and two weeks, since there is absolutely no good reason to postpone it any longer. In this time you eat or throw away all the good but greasy stuff and you will remove all the sugars. You buy all sorts of green and black tea and loads of fruits and veggies. You swap your pasta from white to wholemeal. You weigh yourself at the start and you make sure you installed an app on your phone to keep track of what you eat per day and how many steps you’ve walked. In addition, you can buy a body composition monitor to scan your body in detail. It will scan your muscle mass, fat percentage, metabolic age and heart rate, amongst others. If you are interested in such a body scale, you can check out this segmental body composition scales from It will make your healthy lifestyle much easier.

Make it easy for yourself

Now it is time to get started. Instead of searching for a good diet, you decide to make it easier for yourself. It is no race against time anymore, it is not a match you can do with others. You want to get healthier and that is your main goal. Of course, if you lose some pounds, that would be nice as well. So you decide for yourself that you only eat healthy stuff throughout the week, but in the weekends you can treat yourself with something nice. However, only one thing per weekend day. Decide to have more walks outside and you use your bike more often, at least twice a week. You swap the lemonades for water with fruit or tea without sugar. Instead of eating potato chips, you eat nuts. If you really want to eat something nice, you can eat one hand of salty popcorn. It does not sound that hard now does it? You can do it!