Trusting the Medical Profession – The Good Men Project

At a time of false info and conspiracy theories, it’s more important than ever to…

Trusting the Medical Profession – The Good Men Project

At a time of false info and conspiracy theories, it’s more important than ever to trust the right people.

Trusting the Medical Profession – The Good Men Project

At the moment, the entire world is facing a health problem like never before. And this isn’t just dealing with Covid-19 or the problems that accompany it.

We’re also dealing with the spread of false information and conspiracy theories that could potentially lead to even more illnesses.

This is why it’s never been more important to trust the right people.

It might be difficult to meet with doctors face to face right now, but phone and online consultations are pretty widely available. If you need to talk to your doctor during this crisis, it’s important that you have one you can trust.

Finding a doctor

Maybe you’ve moved to a new area. Maybe you just didn’t get along with your old doctor. Maybe you did, but they retired. Whatever the reason, people often find that they need to find a new physician. If this is you now, there’s some initial research you can do to help you find the right one.

Check their records. A simple online search of their name can help you figure out if they’ve been accused of medical negligence or any other kind of unprofessional activity in the past. You can use your discoveries to eliminate certain doctors from your list of options.

Ask for recommendations. If your friends or family members are happy with their doctors, consider checking them out. After all, their online history won’t give you much info on their bedside manner. But make sure you’re asking the right people for suggestions. Your doomsday prepper uncle could have a very different idea of what makes a good doctor than your best friend.

Get involved

Even with a global pandemic happening all around us, our bodies still get sick and they still get injured and we still have to take care of these other issues. So once you’ve decided on the right doctor for your needs, you’ll need to make sure you don’t leave everything up to them.

A few different research studies have shown that the more involved you are in your treatment plan, the more likely you are to follow it properly. You can start early. As soon as you suspect what might be going on health-wise, do your research and figure out what you’re most concerned about. Make a list of questions you want to ask when you have your appointment and make sure you get answers and explanations you understand.

You’ll know that you found the right medical professional for you if they take your concerns seriously and don’t dismiss anything you say. You’ll probably find that the more respect they have for you, the more you have for them. And when there’s this even exchange of respect and trust, you’ll probably be a lot more likely to agree with their treatment plan and to follow it the way you should.

A lot of people don’t trust the medical profession. We’ve seen that more clearly now than we ever have before. So if you can find yourself a doctor that you trust – one you know puts your health and best interests first – you can count yourself pretty lucky

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