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Irrespective of the exercise or sports routine you are following, your wrist and ankle joints…

Irrespective of the exercise or sports routine you are following, your wrist and ankle joints must remain strong. This will reduce the risk of injuries and will even let you move ahead in the intensity of your workout routine smoothly. You can easily give support and increase the strength of your wrist and ankles with the help of a good pair of weight bands. These weight filled bands are heavy and are available in various weight options to let you choose as the needs of your training routines.

Helping you train hard, here is a list of some of the most popular and durable weight bands that you can buy online in India:-

In the market of sports and fitness accessories, Aurion has been a popular brand in India over the years. This pair of weight bands by the brand is made of polyester to ensure durability to withstand rigorous workout sessions. The easy-to-grip and contoured finishing ensure that you are comfortable while working out.

The brand offers weight bands in 5 weight options ranging from 2 kg to 10 kg that can be fastened with the help of loops. So, you can choose as per the instructions of your fitness trainer and your needs.

When it comes to sports and fitness accessories, Reebok is a brand that needs no introduction in the Indian and international markets. This pair of wrist weight bands by the brand is comfortable and comes with thumb support to give you an additional grip when you are working out.

The easy-to-adjust hook and loop closure makes these bands apt for almost everyone. The brand offers 3 weight options of these bands letting you choose as per your needs.

Kobo is another popular brand that is known for offering a variety of fitness accessories that are durable and affordable. These weight bands by the brand are made of lycra that is comfortable even if you wear the bands for long. You can easily adjust the straps of these bands to ensure that they fit you well before you start working out.

These bands are available in 2 weight options and can be used for both sports and fitness training sessions.

If you are looking for an affordable pair of weight bands for your wrists and ankles, you can go for this pair of bands by Neulife. The bands are made of solid polyester to ensure durability. Each weight band weighs 1 kg which makes the bands apt even for the beginners who are not in a habit of taking too much weight around the joints.

Ensure that you fasten the bands properly before you begin working out to reduce the risk of injuries and train properly.

Xtrim Dura is a popular brand that offers a variety of wrist and ankle bands for all your fitness needs. Each band of this pair weighs 3 kg each and the bands are suitable for cardio, aerobics, muscle toning and a variety of workout sessions. These bands have iron ore filling and the fabric is waterproof to make the bands long-lasting.

The brand offers these bands in 7 weight options allowing you to easily pick a pair to increase the intensity of your workouts.

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