Bones Brigade records




Aborted came to life in 1995 in Belgium when Sven (vocals), Steven (drums), Koen (bass) and Niek (guitars) got together. Their debut, plain Death Metal, demo, “The necrotorous chronicles” was released in 1998. Upon that release, the band got signed to Uxicon records which released their debut full-length, “The purity of perversion” the next year.

Belgian label Soulreaper records then offered them to release a split MCD with Spain’s Christ Denied. Said and done, the split got released in 2000. That’s when Bones Brigade records inked a deal with the Death Metal crew to record two brand new tracks (including a Napalm Death cover) for a forthcoming four ways split CD with France’s Drowning and USA’s both Misery Index and Brodequin. The goal was clear: to give their chance to new promising Death Metal bands. They all had the career we all know, proving, if needed, Bones Brigade records has a real talent in discovering future great names!

Just after the split release, Listenable records signed them and released a split EP with USA’s Exhumed, soon followed by their second full-length, “Engineering the dead”, in 2001. The album’s successor, “Goremageddon (the saw and the carnage done)” was released in 2003, still for Listenable, soon followed by an EP, “The haematobic”, to coincide with the band’s 2004 tour.

Many line-up changes after (including drums by world class drummers Gilles Delecroix –Gronibard, Warscars- and Dirk Verbeuren), Aborted released its fourth full length, for Listenable once more, titled “The archaic abattoir” in 2005 and their debut DVD, “The auricular chronicles” in 2006.

That’s when Century Media stepped in and released the band’s fifth (“Slaughter & apparatus: a methodical overture” on 2007) and sixth (“Strychnine.213″ in 2008) albums as well as an other EP (“Coronary reconstruction”, 2010).

During that 15 years career, Aborted evolved from a local to world class band, evolving from a late-Carcass rip-off to its very own blend of melodic yet ultra-brutal Death Metal, as shown on “Created to kill”, and toured the whole world with most of the big names of the genre… which they’re part of now!