How The Pandemic Has Prompted A New Look At Sleep Medicine Marketing

Dovie Salais

VP Digital Marketing at Itamar-Medical | Digital Health Expert | Business Growth Mentor | mHealth Israel | G-CMO 

While Covid-19 was the catalyst for the shift to remote monitoring and telemedicine, its importance will not fade even after the pandemic is finally over. Forecasters at Polaris Market Research project that the U.S. telemedicine market will surge in value, from $6.61 billion in 2019 to $17.14 billion in 2026, with that growth driven in large part by the recent expansion of telehealth services.

Telemedicine (and remote monitoring) can make health services more accessible and convenient for those who need care to actually seek it out. This is especially important in sleep medicine. A Frost & Sullivan analysis prepared for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) in 2016 found that while an estimated 12% of the U.S. adult population suffers from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), 80% of those with the

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IONpath Closes $18 Million Series B Financing to Advance Precision Medicine

Dovie Salais

MENLO PARK, Calif., Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — IONpath, Inc., the leader in high-definition spatial proteomics, today announced the close of a $18 million Series B financing led by Samsara BioCapital, and included participation from new investor Bruker Corporation, a global leader in mass spectrometry. All existing major investors contributed to the round including Genoa Ventures, ND Capital, Paladin Partners Investments, Trancos IONpath Investors, Norwich Ventures, and Vertical Venture Partners Growth Fund.

“Developed by pathologists for translational researchers, IONpath’s MIBI platform delivers a revolutionary way to visualize phenotypic profiles, enabling rich, sensitive spatial analysis of tissue microenvironments,” said Mike Dybbs, Partner at Samsara BioCapital and IONpath Board member. “We are excited to support IONpath in its mission to advance precision medicine and we are proud to partner with Bruker and all the company’s investors on this financing.”

IONpath’s MIBI™ (Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging) technology is delivering on the promise

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Medicine for the Greater Good: one hospital’s community outreach

Dovie Salais

The violent police attacks on Jacob Blake, George Floyd, and far too many others, along with the high rates of Covid-19 among minority communities, have illuminated an ugly fact: being a person of color in America is bad for your health.

Across the board, people of color have worse health outcomes than their white counterparts. Black Americans have lower life expectancies than white Americans, and the infant mortality rate for Black infants is more than twice that of white babies. Black Americans are 60% more likely to have diabetes than are white Americans, and they have higher rates or heart disease, cancer and other diseases.

The main drivers of this are structural racism and poverty. As a society, we have an urgent responsibility to address these problems. But many of the solutions require major social reforms. And even if we can enact these changes — no easy task in

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Nebraska Medicine says normal operations should resume ‘in days’ after cyberattack | Live Well Nebraska

Dovie Salais

The statement did not include any further information about the attack’s nature, extent or origins .

Officials noted in the statement that attacks on health care organizations are “rapidly increasing, and we are constantly assessing our security measures to help prevent cyber security incidents.”

With the advent of electronic health records, health systems collect and store a significant amount of information about patients.

Other hospital systems have had to deal with computer security problems. In February 2019, a device brought into a CHI Health location by a third-party vendor introduced a virus, also known as malware, into the health system’s network.

In 2018, Anthem Inc., the nation’s second-largest health insurer, agreed to pay the federal government what was then a record $16 million to settle potential privacy violations in what was labeled at the time as the biggest known health care hack in U.S. history, the Associated Press reported.


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