3 wellness destinations to visit this year

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3 wellness destinations to visit this year

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In this article, we will discuss affordable wellness destinations in South Africa, North Africa and the United States…

South Africa: The Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve and Wellness Retreat in Western Cape

This wellness resort is located in the foothills of the Cederberg Mountains on the West Coast of South Africa. Known for their affordable lodging, monumental sandstone formations and vast open plains, the Bushmans Kloof reserve is the perfect place for your next wellness getaway. This reserve provides a sanctuary for rest, meditation and nature. You can spend hours resting in the beautiful villas or exploring the crystal-clear waterfalls. Bushmans Kloof provides avenues for movement including hiking, mountain biking and swimming. If you are looking to restore mentally, there are a variety of spa services available on site. All dining on the premises includes options that are made from rich produce, organic products and local ingredients.

North Africa: The City of Morocco

Morocco is home to dozens of boutique spas, wellness resorts and yoga studios. Whether you choose to stay at a resort or in one of the many cozy accommodations around town, you will find a place to rest your body and your mind. If you find joy by being near the water, the best time to visit Morocco is between October and April. The summer months offer great surfing and incredible ocean views. Yoga is practiced commonly throughout the city. There are many fantastic yoga studios that welcome beginners and experts. The citizens of Morocco value healthy cuisines and active lifestyles. After a few days spent surfing and doing yoga, you can unwind by visiting one of the boutique spas located throughout the city.

United States: The City of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sante Fe, New Mexico is a city that is rich in culture and unique in design. From national parks to indigenous dining, this city is coloured with many different types of adventure. If you are looking for an extended wellness getaway, there are furnished housing accommodations available for rent throughout the city. The wellness culture in Santa Fe is centered around mediation, tranquility and organic living. You can stumble upon amazing studios and restaurants by simply wandering around the city.


With so many unexpected challenges taking place throughout 2020, it is important that you prioritize your wellness. In the midst of a chaotic season, it can be easy to forget about the wellness of your body and mind. Take the time to incorporate wellness into your day-to-day routine through walking and mediation. Annually, invest in yourself by going on a wellness getaway to a well-known city or resort.