For the sake of its commitment in the field of technology through the products it…

For the sake of its commitment in the field of technology through the products it releases to the global or world market, Apple’s sophistication is not limited to the attractiveness of the smartphones it releases. Buy iPhone 12 pro is one of them. The best smartphone with an elegant and expensive-looking design has its own charm.

Apple is certainly very aware that the products it releases to the world market are not cheap or cheap products. Apple is reported to have equipped its smartphone with dual security technology that can detect fingerprints or faces. So, for thieves, you should stay away from your intention or desire to steal someone’s iPhone. Because it will be useless.

In the patent, it is stated that this security technology can record one or more fingerprints, photos, videos and sounds around the thief. “Biometric data (such as fingerprints) will then be stored and can be opened for identification,” the patent abstract reads. On the other hand, there are still a number of technical obstacles. The obstacles include Touch ID which is less sensitive and requires several touches just to be able to read the user’s fingerprint. Apple is said to be implementing this anti-theft feature on future generations of iPhones and iPads. When that happens, the problem with Touch ID sensitivity could have been fixed.

These things are Apple’s efforts to support the development of technology in the world to become more advanced and better. So that people are also not confused about the technology itself.