BTblock Launches The BTblock Health Group, Participates In UN General Assembly (UNGA75) Digital …

New York, New York, Sept. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — BTblock, the…

BTblock Launches The BTblock Health Group, Participates In UN General Assembly (UNGA75) Digital …

New York, New York, Sept. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — BTblock, the emerging technology & cybersecurity consultancy firm, today launched the BTblock Health Group, focusing on decentralized, distributed solutions to strengthen the global healthcare market through integrating and delivering Web 3.0 tools to new and legacy systems. The BTblock Health Group founding team is Dr. Alex Cahana, David Koepsell, J.D./Ph.D and Peter Ball, J.D.

On the firm’s expansion, Tammy Kahn, Co-founder and CEO of BTblock, said, “With the great strain on health systems during the global COVID-19 pandemic, our focus is to bring to market solutions that redesign and strengthen current systems and offer new avenues for patients and providers to securely store and share data. The BTblock Health Group founding team is visionary in the field, and together we look forward to making substantial contributions to the future of healthcare and life sciences.”

“Our common goal is greater access to health through distributed technologies, more patient-driven, not just patient-centric, tools and institutions, and decentralized approaches to data self-sovereignty, privacy, security and governance,” said David Koepsell, who is also the co-founder and CEO of EncrypGen, the world’s first blockchain-mediated genomic data market. BTblock Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer David M. Garrity, CFA, now serves on the EncrypGen board of directors.

“With BTblock we will help bridge the gap between theory and practice and immediately put the promise of digital health transformation into widespread use,” said Peter Ball, BTblock Health Group head of Partnerships and Intellectual Property.

“With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) fundamentally changing the way how people live, work and interact with each other, we are veterans of health technology firms, startups, and projects, focused on designing, developing and disseminating tools that will transform people across the world from health service consumers into health and wealth producers,” said Dr. Cahana, who on October 1st will host an Intelligence in Science (ISC) co-sponsored event on SDG 16.9, “How to deliver Digital Identity (DID) to all by 2030,” as part of this year’s UN General Assembly. To offer perspectives on how individual information can be secured safely, BTblock’s Head of Cybersecurity Research Mikael Björn will join Dr. Cahana as a panelist.

Along with other policymakers and technologists, Dr. Cahana will discuss the importance of self-sovereign identity, dignity preserving technologies, Universal Health Income (UHI) and BTblock Health Group’s work with Afya Rekod, a fast-growing Kenyan startup that has launched a patient-owned health record platform to empower health for all Africans.

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