Dana Balter and John Katko, on the issues: Abortion, reproductive rights | Politics

“I’m not here to divide people,” he said. “I’m here to unite people. The fact…

“I’m not here to divide people,” he said. “I’m here to unite people. The fact that they’re focused on this issue just shows you where they are. I’ve never changed my position. It’s the same, and it will be the same.” 


Calling abortion rights “an area of significant difference between us,” Balter reiterated her support for abortion and a woman’s right to choose. 

“As with all health care decisions, decisions about abortion should be between the woman and her doctor,” she said. “That is how health care works. It’s personal, it’s private, it’s important and it’s between the patient and the doctor and whoever the patient brings into that decision … That’s how medical decisions should be made. There is no place for government in the middle of that conversation.” 

Balter said that a vast majority of Americans support access to legal, safe abortion. Gallup, which has surveyed Americans on whether they support or oppose abortion rights, found that 79% think abortion should either be legal under any circumstances or certain circumstances. One-fifth of respondents oppose abortion in all cases. 

Katko, Balter contends, has an extreme agenda on abortion. She repeated the comments he made in 2014 about, if given the chance, voting to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

“Right now, it is very important for us to have people in Congress who will work to codify women’s rights, women’s access to reproductive health care, including safe, legal abortion,” Balter said.