Davina McCall’s surprising daily diet revealed

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Davina McCall’s surprising daily diet revealed

Bridie Wilkins

On the surface, Davina McCall seems to have an unwavering ability to stick to a healthy diet (read: almost zero refined sugar and more fruit and vegetables a week than we probably consume in a month). After talking to her, though, it’s apparent she’s just like us.

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Where we might falter at the sight of a Hob Nob, Davina does the same for a Drumstick, and where we might have no choice but to avoid certain aisles at the supermarket, Davina does too. “I try not to goad the sugar bear,” she tells HELLO!. “I’m not being all holier than thou by cutting out refined sugar, I’m just trying to help myself because once I start, I can’t stop.”

She follows a similar mindset on a daily basis, where she employs handy tips that make for tasty but wholesome meals. Here’s exactly what she eats.

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What does Davina McCall eat for breakfast?

“I would probably have granola and milk for breakfast,” she says. “But sometimes, if I’m naughty, I’ll do a crumpet.” She adds that while she’s not “restrictive”, if she has been treating herself for a few days, she’ll do her best to avoid crumpets and stick to granola for the rest of the week.

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What does Davina McCall eat for lunch?

“I try to have my main meal at lunch,” Davina explains. “So usually something like pasta, or a courgetti, or eggs with something.” And Philadelphia is Davina’s sauce of choice. “I always use Philadelphia Light,” she says.

“Because it gets that really nice, creamy taste, but obviously it’s lighter so it’s a much better option. I literally put it in almost anything. If I’m making a tomato sauce, I put a teaspoon in there.” Otherwise, she opts for fish, with vegetables and some carbs as a “good, well-rounded meal”.


Davina doesn’t exclude any food groups from her diet

What does Davina McCall eat for dinner?

As a mum of three, Davina has to cater for herself and both her children’s tastes. “If I’m with the kids I’ll probably do some kind of meat and potatoes,” she explains. “But I might have a salad with some of the meat. Likewise, if I’m doing a roast chicken, they might have chips, but I’ll just have the chicken on a salad with some avocado, or another kind of crunchy vegetable I can find.”

Davina’s diet incorporates each of the important food groups, but it’s key to note that what works for her might not work for you. One thing we can all take from her, however, is that variety is vital. “I try to mix it up, because otherwise we all get bored,” Davina says.

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