Salma Hayek’s diet and fitness secrets revealed – from eating bugs to perfecting her posture

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Salma Hayek’s diet and fitness secrets revealed – from eating bugs to perfecting her posture

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Salma Hayek is in incredible shape and regularly showcases her fantastic physique on Instagram but what does she do to keep her fabulous figure in check?

The Mexican actress, 54, has opened up over the years about her healthy lifestyle, which includes balanced meals and some unusual workouts, but the best thing about her down-to-earth routine is that it’s totally doable. 

Here’s what Salma’s revealed about her wellness regime. 

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What does Salma eat for breakfast?

Salma’s favourite first meal of the day is a little unusual but she insists it’s delicious and healthy. Her “breakfast special” includes a medley of berries, fruits, and vegetables. 

She shared her step-by-step guide to the hearty meal on Instagram and said: “It doesn’t sound like it tastes great but it’s delicious.”

To recreate her breakfast you’ll need approximately half a cup of each of these ingredients; Yoghurt, papaya, blueberries, mango, strawberries, pomegranate seeds, celery, red pepper, cucumber, almond and coconut butter. 

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Salma rocks a swimsuit 

Does Salma Hayek diet?

Salma is a self-confessed foodie and revealed on her juice website Cooler Cleanse: “I don’t like to diet and I’m not good at it.”

But she’s proud of her curves and accepts the fact her weight does fluctuate. “I’m not a skinny girl,” she told Canada’s More magazine. “I push it. I’m at the limit of chubbiness at all times, but I’m happy at all times.”

Salma loves juicing

There’s one kind of diet Salma does enjoy and that’s juicing. So much so she started her own company.

“When I feel stressed, I turn to food for comfort,” she wrote on the website “After doing a juice cleanse, I’m motivated to eat healthier and not emotionally. Cleansing is like my meditation. It makes me stop, focus, and think about what I’m putting into my body. I’m making a commitment to my health and hitting the reset button.”

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Salma doesn’t believe in gruelling diets

What does Salma Hayek eat for lunch?

Salma is not one to steer clear of fat and actually insists: “Fat is your friend”.

That doesn’t mean she indulges in fatty, processed foods for lunch though, but it does mean she’s happy to tuck into a hearty, avocado, and chicken sandwich. And being Mexican means she loves coming home for her mum’s tamales. 

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Salma eats bugs

Ok, we admit this isn’t exactly doable, but Salma insists she doesn’t mind dining on a creepy-crawly or two.

She told Harper’s Bazaar that in Mexico they “have crickets, and then the ant’s eggs and then we gave these worms. You fry them. If you fry anything, it tastes good, but they’re really delicious. The bugs are incredible!”


Salma is a self-confessed foodie 

Salma enjoys great food and good wine

The actress is married to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault and spends most of her time in his home country, which poses a few dietary problems – or blessings – for Salma.

“Everybody has a weakness and mine is food,” she told More. “If you love food and you love red wine and they put you in France, you’re in a good place and you’re in a bad place at the same time.”

What does Salma Hayek eat for dinner?

Salma is crazy for Latin food and her favourite restaurant is award-winning eatery Pujol in Mexico City. But since she lives so far away she often recreates Mexican flare for her own dinner. Think duck tacos and seafood guacamole and you’ll have stolen Salma’s heart. 

Although be careful if she ever invites you for dinner. She revealed one a food trick she used to use – but says she doesn’t anymore. 

“When I was young and insecure about my cooking, I had a great trick,” she told Harpers Bazaar. “I would always start the meal with tequila soup, which is made with chicken broth and a touch of tequila and lime. And then everyone would get a little tipsy, so if I messed up the rest of the dinner, they wouldn’t care and wouldn’t remember anyway.”

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Salma has body positivity 

How often does Salma Hayek workout?

Surprisingly Salma isn’t a fan of the gym. She admitted to People magazine: “Some people have the discipline to exercise in the morning, and I didn’t develop that.

“I work with a woman in London who taught me how to hold my body in a way where the muscles are activated all day long. So even when you brush your teeth, you’re working the muscles. It’s restorative yoga.”

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