Shaker bottles with storage compartments for your convenience | Most Searched Products

A gym-goer or a fitness freak always needs a good shaker bottle to mix the…

Shaker bottles with storage compartments for your convenience | Most Searched Products

A gym-goer or a fitness freak always needs a good shaker bottle to mix the health supplements or instantly prepare protein shakes wherever they are. However, more than a regular shaker bottle, people prefer to go for the bottles that have a special storage compartment. These compartments can be used for carrying small portions of fitness supplements or medicines along with water so that you do not make any compromise on your health or fitness needs. With various shaker bottles available in almost all sizes, it is easy to find the right bottle for your needs.

If you are looking for a good shaker bottle with a storage compartment, here is a list for you. Check out some of the most popular choices that you can buy online in India to prepare your protein shakes in no time:-

If you are looking for a durable and affordable shaker bottle, you can buy this one by iShake and easily carry your health supplements when you are going to the gym or travelling. The bottle has a capacity of 500 ml and the storage compartment is suitable for keeping a scoop or two of your desired fitness supplement.

The bottle is durable and the little keychain holder near the rim allows you to easily carry the bottle. The brand offers 4 more colours of this bottle allowing you to pick the one that matches with your fitness gear.

In the market of sports and fitness accessories, Strauss has been a popular brand over the years. This shaker bottle by the brand comes with a wire whisk that will ensure uniform mixing and keep your protein shake free from lumps. Besides your health drink, you can even use this bottle to shake and prepare smoothies and pancake batters.

The leak-proof lid and storage container allows you to carry water and fitness supplements easily. You can choose from the 4 colours offered by the brand to buy a stylish shaker bottle online.

If you are looking for an affordable shaker bottle, you can go for this sleek and stylish one online. This lightweight bottle comes with a screw lid that will avoid leakage and will let you carry water and supplements easily. The spring mixer ensures a uniform consistency in your drinks and avoids any lump formation.

The brand offers different colours of this shaker bottle with motivational quotes printed on the surface. So, you can always feel pumped-up whenever you are working out.

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For those who need a small shaker bottle, this one by Solimo can be a good choice to buy online. Made from food-safe material, you do not have to worry too much about your health while preparing protein shakes in this bottle. This 400 ml bottle is leak-proof and the storage container is detachable allowing you to clean the bottle easily.

4 colours of this bottle are available so you can pick your favourite colour easily. There are volume markings on the bottle that will allow you to measure the quantity of liquid easily.

This stylish shaker bottle by Boldfit can be another good option that you can consider buying online. With the anti-leak lid, you can easily carry this bottle in your bag without worrying about the leakage of water. The tornado mixer in this shaker mixes the supplements well in water to ensure quick absorption of nutrients by your body.

The brand claims that the plastic used in this shaker is free from toxins to let you take care of your health easily. You can choose from the 3 colours available online and easily add a stylish gym accessory to your gym bag.

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