Tips To Prevent Back Pain

Back ache is one of the most severe and yet ignored health problems that most…

Tips To Prevent Back Pain

Back ache is one of the most severe and yet ignored health problems that most working people suffer from. 

Even before the pandemic, when we weren’t all working from home, back ache was a constant issue for people with a desk job. 

Initially, back ache doesn’t really seem like a big deal. However, if you don’t try and treat it now, it will only get worse. 

In the current scenario, whether we’re working from home or not, our backs are definitely bearing the brunt of our sedentary lifestyle. 

It’s okay to not be a 100% fit at all times, but it’s not okay to get zero physical activity either.

In order to find the right balance between the two, here are some tips on how to prevent back pain from getting worse. 

Back Pain Causes 

The causes of severe back pain can be many. As we all know that our back bone is made of multiple ligaments, muscles, discs and bones. A problem with any of these elements results in back pain. The most common of all the causes is strain and stress on the back. 

When we sit in an awkward posture for a long period of time, it tends to put a lot of strain on our back. 

What exactly qualifies as an ‘awkward posture’?

Leaning your neck too forward while working, sitting with rounded backs for long hours, not using any back support or proper office chairs and even overstretching the back can strain it. In fact standing or sitting in any particular position for really long hours generally leads to a lot of back ache.

How To Fix It?

To fix your back issues and prevent them from coming back again and again, you will need to make some simple yet essential lifestyle changes.

1. Start Exercising Regularly

It goes without saying that you should get enough exercise every single day. Not only is this recommended for better overall health, this will also keep your weight balanced. More weight can put extra stress on your back. Also, make sure to not strain your back at the gym and stick to milder yoga asanas for treating back ache. 

2. Stop Taking Cigarette Breaks

Instead of your usual chai and cigarette break, try taking a walk. Certain studies do suggest that smokers experience more instances of back pain than non-smokers. You should stretch out a little instead and loosen up any stiffness there might be. Walking will also help you get a bit warmed up and let go of any lethargy. If your office has multiple work spots, keep switching between multiple chairs, bean bags, couch, etc.

3. Get Some Additional Back Support

If you’re working from home and don’t really have any office chair or a home office, there are tons of back support pillows that you can opt for. From sleeping to sitting, these ergonomic support systems are great for preventing any back disorders from developing before age. Trust us, your back pain is sure to get relief if you use this simple hack. 

4. Get A Laptop Desk

This next point is also for people working from home or rather their bedrooms. Do your back a favour and get a laptop desk. It might not treat your back pain instantly but it is sure to correct your posture in the long run. It will also keep you focussed and help you be more productive. The best position for your laptop screen is to be right below your eye level so make sure to get the right height desk. 

The Bottomline

We hope you find some relief from your back pain after following our tips. Also remember to practise good posture not only while working but all through the day when you’re walking, standing or sitting. Initially, this is going to be hard, but trust us, with time it will solve your back pain issues.  

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